Make every
visit unique with personalization

Tailor messaging, offers, visuals and layout of your store to suit each individual shopper with a no-code editor. Now with AI.✨


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Create shopping experiences that
adapt to individual shoppers

Every segment of your audience gets a unique experience with tailor made campaign variations.

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VISIT AS Returning visitor

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VISIT AS Facebook Ad visitor

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VISIT AS Google Ads visitor

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Personalize landing pages without coding

Personalize landing pages and overlay messages easily with a no-code platform.

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Personalize landing pages based on

Ad copy

Boost your Facebook ads ROI by matching landing page copy to your Facebook ads

New / returning

Improve your returning visitors’ experience by personalizing your homepage messaging for them.


Improve product recommendations by making them relevant for the visitor.

Referral partner

Increase referral conversion rates with personalized referral source headlines.

Introducing OptiMonk AI

Increase your ROAS with automatic website personalization

Personalize your landing pages and popups for each and every visitor. Tailor any headline, description or text based on the interest of your visitor – 100% automatically.

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Guide visitors through a
unique customer journey with personalized popups

By tailoring your popups to your audience’s interests and behavior, you can offer relevant and compelling incentives that encourage them to take the next step towards conversion.

Personalize messages with

Dynamic Text

Personalize messages with just
1 click based on country name, first name, current month, browser language etc.

Product Recommendation

Make relevant Product recommendations synced with Shopify.

Unique Discount Code

Embed auto-generated unique discount codes that sync seamlessly with your Shopify store.

Zero-Party Data From Surveys

Collect valuable zero party data with preference surveys based on pre-made templates.


One campaign, personalized for multiple segments

Microtarget audiences within a single campaign to boost engagement & relevancy.

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Measure the real impact on ecommerce revenue

Track overall performance of your campaigns and monitor results on the variant level.

Need more insights? Analyze campaign performance
in Google Analytics 4

OptiMonk integrates with Google Analytics 4 directly, allowing you to track campaign performance, attributed revenue and experiments right beside all your visitor data.

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Easy-to-implement solutions
used by busy marketers to...

Increase sales Build your list Stop abandonment Grow AOV Boost PPC

Help visitors shop and boost ecommerce revenue


Increase sign-up rates from single to double digits

Stop cart abandonment

Explore powerful strategies to win back lost sales

grow average order value

Steal proven tactics to maximize Customer Lifetime Value


Maximize on-site conversions instead of burning more $$$ on ads

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39.2% extra revenue

“When comparing OptiMonk vs other leading popup solutions, no one else has the valuable integrations we need, robust testing capabilities, and amazing team to support our ever-evolving needs.”

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Ryan PamplinCEO, BlendJet

How top DTC brands use OptiMonk
to optimize conversions


Easily integrate with 100+
of your favorite tools

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800+ 5stars designed - Website Personalization ratings on Shopify

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Super solid app! Just started doing email and SMS marketing and hated how unprofessional-looking the in-built pop-up templates were for the email and SMS apps. The Optimonk templates all look great right out of the gate!
Swycha Refurbished iPhones5stars designed - Website Personalization
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Optimonk has improved our engagement and conversions tenfold. Customer support is second to none
Prémium Korean Ginseng5stars designed - Website Personalization
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Our conversion rate has greatly increased. I was able to deliver messages to customers that they hadn’t seen or noticed before.
Caffe Aroma5stars designed - Website Personalization
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Highly recommend to all Shopify users for better conversions and less abandoned carts!
Dripfashion5stars designed - Website Personalization
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The best app I have had for days, and it serves all the needed functions!
The Queen of Tarts5stars designed - Website Personalization
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Great, easy-to-use app that allows me to encourage my customers to place that all-important first order. Extremely helpful customer service as well!
Fuller's Flips5stars designed - Website Personalization
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I started getting conversions from the first day I installed OptiMonk to reduce abandoned carts!
Topperswap5stars designed - Website Personalization
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This my favorite pop-up app I've tried! Very clean and user friendly interface and templates. Their customer support was also very quick to respond to any questions I had.
AurayN Telecom5stars designed - Website Personalization
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Optimonk works, it does the job. Recently I added 1 rating campaign and it works quite well.
Aus Real Estate5stars designed - Website Personalization
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I've used Privy, Justuno, Poptin and a heap of other pop management apps. OptiMonk is the best out of all of them. The user flows are awesome, the UX/UI is intuitive. Plus they offer a free account.

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