The Most Powerful
On-Site Message Toolkit

Is also the easiest to use! You don’t need to be an IT expert or web guru to take
advantage of the powerful customization and automation features built-in to OptiMonk.

Grab your visitor’s
attention at just
the right moment

Monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger your on-site message exactly when they take a specific action.

Exit-Intent on Desktop

Grab the attention of abandoning visitors at the
exact moment a visitor is about to leave your site.

Timed-Display Control

Time your message to display after X seconds of
browsing your site or a specific page.

Scroll-Based Triggering

Display your message after a visitor has scrolled
down on your page at least X percent.

OnClick Triggering

Trigger your offer when a visitor clicks on a specific
part of your page - a button, box, link, or banner.

Monitoring Inactivity

Show your message when a user has stopped all
activity, including clicking and scrolling.

Mobile Triggers

Activate your campaigns on phones and tablets
based on time, scrolling, clicking or inactivity.

Every visitor is different.
Why treat them all the same?

Create as many messages as you wish, and target each visitor segment with
fully customized messages that are more relevant and more likely to convert.

Background & History

Target your visitors based on where they’re from and where they’ve clicked through with customized messages for each segment.

  • Traffic source
  • Geotargeting
  • Returning visitor recognition

Visited Pages

Monitor your visitors' on-site behavior and display your message based on the pages they've visited (or not).

  • Number of visited pages
  • Current page
  • Browsing history
  • Excluding URLs
  • Cart abandonment recognition

Perfect Timing

Make your offer more user-friendly by timing your message perfectly and fine-tuning further display options.

  • Time spent on pages
  • Time spent on site
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Frequency

Go Pro

Utilize our cart rules or create “sales funnels” by linking your campaigns. With custom variables, the sky's the limit!

  • Cart rules
  • Connected campaigns
  • Custom variables

Create eye-catching messages
with only a few clicks

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to create and customize
beautiful on-site messages that engage your visitors.

Types of Messages

Choose from a wide array of message types to
capture new leads and drive more sales.

Popup Nanobar
Interstitial Luckly wheel
Sidebar Plinko game (coming soon)

Drag & Drop Editor

Create almost any layout you can imagine
with our interactive design tools.

50+ beautiful templates Countdown timers
Adjustable size & layout Social elements
Unlimited text elements Creative dividers
Advanced image editor WYSIWYG editor
Video content Responsive messages
Unique CTA buttons Minimization options (Tabs)
Custom input fields


Enhance the look and feel of your campaigns,
and customize them to match the style of your site.

Changeable position Color palette
Custom confirmation page Unlimited steps/pages
Customizable overlay 15+ display effects
Adjustable X button Editable CSS & JavaScript

Features to Maximize
Your Conversions

Get the most out of your conversion optimization efforts with cutting-edge features like Dynamic Text Replacement or cart-based targeting.

eCommerce-specific Features

Sell more with OptiMonk - recommend relevant
products, target based on cart content, etc.

A/B testing (Split testing)

Create unlimited versions of a campaign to test
which changes result in better conversions.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Target as many different segments as you wish
with one message by altering its text dynamically.

Analytics & Insights

Use our advanced reporting system to get all the
data you need to improve your results.

Connect to any
tool you use
- it’s as easy as pie

Connect OptiMonk to your business through
integrations for all major newsletter, CRM, CMS
and eCommerce platforms - See all integrations.

1-minute setup

It only takes a minute to publish your very first
on-site message – it has never been easier.

eCommerce Integration

Integrate OptiMonk with all popular eCommerce
platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Website Builders & CMSs

You can display on-site messages on any site through one of our plugins or inserting a short JS code.

Newsletter & CRM systems

Transfer your leads to your newsletter or CRM system and use custom fields to personalize your emails.

Built-in Lead Management

OptiMonk can store and manage your email
subscribers in an “internal database,” too.

Google Analytics & GTM

Integrate your OptiMonk account with Google
Analytics or Tag Manager to gain more insights.

Just to make your
messages even
more effective...

We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that your
campaigns are secure and reliable.

Google, AdBlock & GDPR Safe

Our on-site messages are GDPR compliant,
Google-friendly, and they aren’t affected by
Ad Blockers.

CDN with preloading

With a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and
preloading, your messages appear instantly
and reliably across the globe.

AWS servers 99,9% uptime

We use Amazon Web Servers to ensure 99.9%
uptime for your campaigns, so you never miss
a lead.

Grow your agency
& help your clients
boost their conversions

Maximize the return on every visitor for your clients, spend less time and make more money with an OptiMonk agency account.

Custom branding

Our agency platform includes fully white label
CRO and lead generation tools.

Client Management & Dashboard

Save a ton of time by managing all your clients'
campaigns in one place.

Dedicated Account Manager & Training

All of our agency customers receive comprehensive
online training, as well as a dedicated account manager.

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