60-min webinar

AI-powered CRO in practice: New ways to fix the leaky bucket

Nov 7, 2023

9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 6 PM CET

Csaba Zajdo

CEO & Co-Founder

“We implemented just one of these tactics the next day, and saw an immediate jump of 14% in conversions.”

Attila Adam, CEO, Reflexshop

What you’ll learn in only 60 minutes


Innovative, AI-powered strategies for fixing a leaky funnel and improving conversion rates

Discover proven & cutting-edge, AI-powered strategies that will help to improve the ROI of SEO, PPC, social & email campaigns, grow AOV, decrease abandonment, and increase sales.


How to find and execute all the best optimization opportunities with the highest ROI

Csaba will show you how to uncover the biggest issues in your customer journey. He’ll also share how you can set up campaigns and experiments that work.


30+ real-life examples from top ecommerce brands of the world

We don’t just show you the theory, but you’ll see how to use these AI-powered CRO strategies with real-life examples from other ecommerce brands.

Bonus CRO checklist

This worksheet contains actionable checklists and templates, including:

Meet your host

Csaba Zajdo

OptiMonk CEO & Co-Founder

Csaba is the CEO & co-founder of OptiMonk. He has 17 years of experience building and optimizing ecommerce stores. He started his career as an ecommerce-focused agency founder, and to this very day, he’s always happy to get his hands dirty and help clients get the most out of their websites. He knows exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

Results other ecommerce brands have been achieving using this methodology


Pet portraits

Crown & Paw

The Crown & Paw team achieved a 38% increase in the number of orders.


Solar lights


SolaGarden increased the number of orders by 66%.




Bukvy achieved a 45% upswing in orders thanks to running A/B tests.




Lammle’s achieved a 26.3% increase in revenue.


Ecommerce Revolution Christopher Cloos

Christopher Cloos

Christopher Cloos increased their ecommerce conversion rate by 37%.


Ecommerce Revolution Obvi


Obvi boosted their Black Friday conversion rates by 24.9%.




Vegetology increased its ecommerce conversion rate by 21%.


Ecommerce Revolution BioZoo
Pet food


The BioZoo team achieved a 67% revenue growth in just a month.


RV SnapPads
Jack pads

RV SnapPad

RV SnapPad achieved a 10% increase in online revenue.


Ecommerce Revolution Czár ékszer

Czár Ékszer

Czár Ékszer achieved a 26.2% yearly revenue growth.


Ecommerce Revolution Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto achieved a 7.17% growth in ecommerce conversion rate.


Ecommerce Revolution NaturalVital

Natural Vital

Natural Vital achieved a 22% revenue growth in just 26 days.

Here's what previous attendees say

Bence Buday

CEO, Full Funnel Marketing Kft.

“As a fast-growing marketing agency, we’re constantly looking for solutions and marketing tools to help our work and reach better performance at our clients, therefore I have participated in OptiMonk’s workshop. The presentation was thought-provoking and useful for me. OptiMonk can open new doors to understand website users and lead them to convert.”

David Balogh

Founder & CEO, BOOM Marketing

“We received an extremely detailed (and intense) workshop from the OptiMonk team. I was a little afraid at first that it’ll be a “sales” workshop only talking about the software, but it was the opposite. They shared a lot of online marketing tactics and best practices, which can be used without any software. I think the “what” is usually more important than the “how”, and that’s exactly what we got.”

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Nov 7, 2023 (Tuesday) 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 6 PM CET


60 minutes


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