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The Feedback element is very useful because it helped us measure our customers' satisfaction rate. We received nearly 250 positive reviews. It feels good to know that our visitors would be happy to recommend us to their friends - and it not only helps us acquire new visitors, but it also increases sales.
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Lajos Belme

Listen to your customers

Why do people go from one page to another, without putting any product into their baskets?
What if they put items in their baskets, but never proceed to check out? Fixing such issues
is hard when you don’t really know what to fix. What if you could easily ask your visitors
how they feel about your website at the moment they are about to leave?

your business

The biggest brands have grown so big, in part 'cause they have actively asked for feedback. And who better to help you improve than your clients?

Build customer

A customer likes to know that you care about him/her. If you value your customers by asking feedback, you can keep them engaged with you.

Understand your visitors

Analysing a customer feedback - let it be good or bad - helps you understand your clients’ basic problem and then look for solutions.

Get to know your visitors

Create on-site surveys easily that work on any device, use multiple question types and learn more about your visitors and customers.

I needed answers. In a short period of time, I got them - due to the questionnaire. What was even better, I could easily export it and convert it into a diagram.

Balazs Lakatos

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Gain valuable customer insights

Quickly design 5 stars, 3-option emoji, or Yes-No feedback elements and let your visitors leave their opinions in a blink of an eye. It is an easy way for your visitors to leave instant, visualized feedback.

Super easy to use, works exactly as advertised, excellent support, lots of helpful hints along the way, and the price is extremely reasonable. We moved from another platform which was charging close to 5 times more and delivering a lot less. We couldn't be happier with OptiMonk.

Igor Kivritsky

Understand your users' behavior

Ask questions about user behavior during the journey, identify where they get stuck, and improve the performance and user experience of your website.

Easy to use.
And super supportive customer service. If you have any questions on how to use the app or what works the best, they are here for you. Highly recommended.

Michael Wong

Proven tools to collect feedback

We have all you need to ask your visitors’ opinion

Unlimited pages
for surveys

Customize the flow according to your needs and add as many questions as you wish. With unlimited steps, the sky’s the limit.

Radio buttons
& checkboxes

To predefine options for your questionnaries, use our radio buttons or checkboxes – depending on that only one or more answers can be given.

Custom form

Custom fields can be added to your messages to collect additional client details (e.g. gender, date of birth, or country – even in a dropdown menu).


Select from 3 types of feedback elements—5 stars, 3-option emoji, or Yes-No—and allow your visitors to give feedback with one click.


Use our feedback dashboard to see the answers and review feedback items in real time. You can export the data and further analyze it if needed.


Let our ready-to-use templates inspire you and have your new content up and running in minutes.

Discover endless possibilities

Start collecting feedback with these free popup templates

Works on any website

Customer Value Optimization works seamlessly
with all CMS & eCommerce platform

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