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Use cases

Advanced tacitcs used by high-growth DTC
brands to gain valuable customer insights


The easiest way to uncover issues within your funnel that hurt conversion rates

Dig deeper into why customers abandon their carts and improve the user experience on your website by displaying a feedback popup during the customer journey. Gain insight instantly.


Discover where your customers are really coming from

Learn more about your visitors and customers with on-site surveys that work on any device. Use this first-hand data to fine-tune your funnel.


Get real, measurable feedback on anything you want

Ask for instant measurable feedback effortlessly with a non-intrusive sticky bar. Track responses in OptiMonk or send them to a tool of your choice such as Slack.

Embed anywhere

Collect feedback without interrupting
carefree browsing





Don't just collect feedback.
Get valuable insights out of it.


Ask for feedback the
right way


Run actions when visitors engage with your survey


Sync with your go-to e-mail marketing
or marketing automations software

Advanced features

The toolset you need to gain valuable insights
along the whole customer journey

Subscriber recognition

Display recently viewed, most popular or similar products to a product category.

A/B testing

Test copy, images & various opt-in formulas and use what works best for you.

Custom form fields

Have discount codes applied automatically
to your visitors’ carts.

Google & GDPR compliance

Run worry-free opt-in campaigns. Make sure your subscribers’ data & your site performance are safe and sound.

Drag & drop editor

Create popups from scratch or modify pre-built templates in an eye-blink.

User experience protector

Use a smart can on how many campaigns your visitors see without compromising on conversions.


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Success stories

Learn how OptiMonk helped these DTC
brands turn feedback into valuable insights

Optimized checkout experience
based on customer feedback

“Based on the responses, we learned what kind of information we should display on the site, in order to greatly improve the conversion rate.

I looked up many exit-intent service providers. I tried all the trial versions and compared the features, price, customer service, etc. As I remember, OptiMonk wasn’t the cheapest option, but it was definitely the best regarding the knowledge, features, and customer service.“

Balázs Lakatos
Online Marketing Expert |

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