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The One Secret That Will 3X Your Remarketing Game

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John Ozuysal,
Head of Growth at OptiMonk

In this 30-minute webinar,
you’ll learn:

The biggest problem Shopify stores are facing right now

Unfortunately, traditional remarketing strategies are not enough to get leads anymore. If you want to get leads, you need to build relationships with your site visitors. We'll discuss how Shopify stores are currently using popups to get leads and why is this the wrong way.

A new, interactive way to build relationships with your customers

To help you overcome your challenges and build relationships, we're launching a new, interactive popup that will 3X your lead generation results. We'll show you how to use conversational popups and how to set them up in OptiMonk.

Why conversational popups are better than traditional popups for list building?

Traditional popups are great for list building too, but conversational popups are a lot better for list building. We will show you how and why?

john ill - Conversational Popups Webinar

About the speaker:

John Ozuysal is a Growth Marketer, the Head of Growth at OptiMonk, and previously a Co-founder at 500Startups company. John is one of the main brains behind the OptiMonk Acceleration Program where he helps companies to drive more revenue using popups without annoying visitors.

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