How Hannah & Henry Increased Their Revenue By 45.67% With Product Page Optimization

Hannah & Henry increased their revenue by 45% with product page optimization

Hannah & Henry is an Australian-based ecommerce brand specializing in stylish baby nappy bags. In this case study, we’ll explore how they tackled this challenge and increased revenue by 45.67%.

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Meet Hannah & Henry

Hannah & Henry isn’t just another ecommerce store—it’s a passion project born out of a mother’s vision. 

The company was founded by Elaine, a mother of two driven by a desire to fuse personal style with functionality. Her quest to create a line of nappy bags reflecting her style and values led to the birth of Hannah and Henry, whose commitment to quality, durability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction set a high standard for their ecommerce journey.

The brand’s mission revolves around providing parents with a blend of designer and everyday baby accessories that seamlessly integrate into their lives.

The challenge

Product detail pages serve as the gateway for a large portion of an ecommerce website’s traffic. However, they were struggling to increase conversions on these critical pages.

With a majority of visitors skipping the homepage and arriving directly on product pages, the challenge lies in optimizing these pages at scale. 

Now, imagine wanting to write a creative headline and summary for your product page. This process takes at least 10 minutes for one page, assuming peak efficiency. 

In the case of Hannah and Henry, they had 134 product pages. If you multiply it by 10 minutes (134 x 10), that is 22 hours, which is almost three days of constant work. It seems daunting, right?

The solution: Smart Product Page Optimizer

Today, with the help of artificial intelligence, tools like the Smart Product Page Optimizer are transforming the world of product page optimization. 

Hannah and Henry saved 3 days of work as AI accomplished this product page update for them in only a few minutes. 

This tool utilizes AI to: 

  • generate compelling slogans

  • create captivating descriptions, and 

  • identify the best product reviews. 

Besides that, the tool can also run A/B tests to find out which version works best for your audience. Hannah & Henry decided to test multiple versions of their product pages, exploring different combinations of slogans, product descriptions, and reviews. 

The original version served as the control, while variations with added elements were introduced to observe their impact.

Check out the control version (a.k.a. version A):

Version B included a slogan and a product description:

Version C included a review, a slogan, and a product description: 

And finally, Version D included a review plus a slogan (but no product description):

The results

Version C which featured a review, slogan, and product description outperformed the control version, increasing revenue by 45.67%

This shows the importance of tailoring content for the audience to engage even more customers and drive conversions.

Closing thoughts

Hannah & Henry’s experience serves as a reminder of the pivotal role product pages play in connecting brand values with the audience. 

Their story highlights the opportunities presented by the advanced AI tools available today. They used OptiMonk’s Smart Product Page Optimizer to elevate the customer experience, turning a regular website visit into an enjoyable exploration of parenthood.

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