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Setting up some intelligent popups and showcasing our best-selling products with a product recommendation campaign resulted in 25% increase in total transactions.
Jess Curtis
Three Drops of Life

Earn more on each sale

Increasing traffic and improving your overall conversion rate are not the only ways of sales growth.
An alternative – and sometimes a better option – is to get your customers to checkout with more products in their cart.
Here’s where upselling and cross-selling comes to play.


Improve your

Your visitor acquisition efforts will pay off as upselling and cross-selling techniques increase sales by 20% and profits by 30%.

More Value

You can save your customers' money and save their time by recommending all the products they need - right when they need them.

shipping costs

Delivering more items at once allows you to save on shipping fees and office supplies, as well as avoid hidden costs e.g. time on spent processing orders.


Upsell & cross-sell products

Sell more and engage your prospects with "Buy one, get on free" and similar upselling offers, or recommend complementary products (cross-selling), such as "Buy X and get Y at a 50% off".

“We've been using this app to create cross-sells and up-sells which are quite complex within our industry and this is the only app we've found which has been able to manage this.“

~ Lee Thornley

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Recommend items based on behavior

For personalized recommendations take the context (the product being looked at), alongside with the browsing history of the current user (products previously checked) into consideration.

“It's definitely a must-have tool in my store. I particularly enjoy the extensive settings so we can display only the most relevant products to every single visitor.”

~ Jess Curtis
Three Drops of Life

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Promote Bestsellers

Promoting a very specific recommendation, only one product taht generates the most sales, not only encourages decision making by reducing options, but it's also critical to your overall success.

“We ran a successful A/B Test to learn how to drive more visitors to our Special Product Bundle. The most incredible result is that the cart value increased by 30%.”

~ Salo M.

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We want you to sell more - so we have
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Single product recommendation

Boost your revenue by recommending only one, the most relevant product - your best seller or a "daily deal" - your customers want to buy.

Multiple product recommendation

Increase sales by suggesting your top three products customers may be interested in, based on their behavior and purchase history

Cart content monitoring

Display personalized offers by targeting visitors based on the number of products in their cart and the total value of their cart.

High-level personalization

Create as many campaigns as you wish, and target different visitor segments with different - and fully-customized - messages

Automatic coupon validation

Whenever you offer a coupon code for your visitors, it will be added automatically at the checkout, so your customers won't forget is.

Product component catalog

Update product information on popups automatically. We also provide several pre-made templates that help to increase your cart value.

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