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Marketing Intern

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Requirements description

  • Strong marketing knowledge, either through formal education or active study
  • Familiarity with English marketing terminology
  • Proficiency in Hungarian, with excellent writing skills and references to showcase
  • Basic understanding of WordPress
  • Confidently utilizes AI tools and is not afraid to learn new ones
  • Bonus points if you have experience with Elementor, managing web shops, or if you hold an English language certificate, and a degree or certification in Hungarian language and literature.

The character we’re looking for

  • Creative and able to generate innovative ideas for optimization.
  • Inquisitive nature, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Optimistic and enthusiastic about achieving success.
  • Collaborative mindset, valuing teamwork and open to input from others.

About the position

Join us as a Marketing Intern and unlock the potential of our CRO  platform, powering more than  30,000 brands all over the world!

OptiMonk is the world’s first AI-powered CRO platform, serving ecommerce brands from more than 150 countries. More than 50% of our customers are US-based.

In our vibrant Hungarian marketing team you can take part in shaping our brand’s success! As a team member, you’ll be responsible for various tasks to enhance our marketing efforts and reach our target audience effectively. 

How would you contribute to our mission?

  • Translating marketing and CRO materials from English to Hungarian to ensure seamless communication with our Hungarian-speaking audience.
  • Managing WordPress content using Elementor to maintain an engaging and user-friendly online presence.
  • Uploading articles to our WordPress system, keeping our website updated with fresh and relevant content.
  • Crafting and posting engaging social media content to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • Translating PPT presentations to support our communication efforts both internally and externally.
  • Actively participating in brainstorming meetings, contributing innovative ideas to drive our marketing strategies forward.

Equipment supplied

M1 MacBook Pro


Large monitor

Home office

Perks in the office


Budapest, Debrecenour office location

45+ employeesBetween 21 and 45 years old

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Who we are

We’re building the new generation of online marketing tools. We’re making old, clunky personalization software obsolete, and showing the world that efficiency and simplicity can coexist. Our long-term goal is for all website-related optimization to happen within OptiMonk, helping marketers make big gains in productivity.

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We know first hand that the people behind product development are the ones who know best how to implement the right solutions. We give our engineers the room and support to solve hard technical challenges while having fun Balazs CTO

I'm working with people that I can learn from, they push me to take on new challenges every day. We genuinely care about each other and work together as a team to achieve our goals. Niki Marketer

Why is it worth coming here every morning? Because I can be boldly creative with a young, cohesive team, where the projects are exciting and the morning coffee is the most delicious ❤️ Niki Manual tester


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