Optimize thousands of product pages effortlessly in minutes

Leverage AI to optimize headlines, descriptions, and benefits, and conduct A/B tests for ideal product pages on a large scale, simultaneously.

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Set it up in 15 minutes.

Enjoy the benefits forever.

Let our AI come up with new Smart Elements. Insert them into your product page in our no-code Visual Editor. No coding, just a few clicks.
Review the AI-generated content and edit as needed – shorten it or adjust the tone to match your brand.
Watch the AI take care of optimizing your product pages while you sit back. Track how each version impacts your conversions and sales.

Instant 5-45% increase in sales


Mounteen increased its online revenue by 18%. See how

+48.3% revenue

Varnish and Vine achieved an impressive 48.3% increase in revenue.

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SolaGarden increased their online revenue by 11.6%.

+15.6% revenue

Muscle Feast increased its online revenue by 15.56%


Why let AI take care of the
heavy lifting?

Optimize thousand of pages simultaneously

Enhance all your product pages in a single setup to increase conversions. Picture the revenue growth from a 2% conversion boost on 1000 pages.

Save time on copywriting & A/B testing

Use AI to write benefit-driven product descriptions. Save a ton of time for you and your team.

Update product pages
in all languages

Upgrade your product pages in various major languages. The AI handles translations efficiently, easing your workload in a multilingual store setup.

You keep control the entire time

Easily delete or edit the AI-generated headline or product descriptions that you’re not satisfied with.


It works seamlessly with your

tech stack

Can’t find your tech here? Contact us to learn when
OptiMonk AI will work on all platforms.

Starting from

$ 249/ month


OptiMonk All FeaturesPopups, Embedded Campaigns, Website Personalization and A/B Testing.

Smart A/B TestingFully automated, AI-assisted A/B testing for any text elements on landing pages 100% controlled by you.

Smart PersonalizationAutomatically match your landing pages to search terms or messaging on your paid ads to increase conversions.


Increase sales with OptiMonk AI for the cost of a CRO expert’s hourly rate


Skip the AI learning curve

Let a dedicated CRO expert handle your tech setup

If all the AI tools out there seem more like hocus-pocus to you, we’ve got your back.
We will match you with a dedicated CRO expert who specializes in your industry to
set you up for success.