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10X your testing game with an automated, AI-powered VWO alternative

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vwo vs optimonk

Why choose OptiMonk AI as a replacement for VWO?

Ecommerce brands see an average 24.3% lift in online revenue thanks to:

“We utilized OptiMonk AI for product page optimization, and I was genuinely impressed by its effectiveness. Our online revenue increased by 23.1%, all without any additional effort on our part. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Attila Adam

Attila Adam

CEO, Reflexshop

👩‍🦰 VWO
Old way of CRO & personalization
A lot of time and effort
Continuous manual work
Expensive monthly fee
Requires CRO knowledge
Intuition-based decisions
New way of CRO & personalization
Can be set up in minutes
100% automatized, set up & forget
Low monthly fee
No CRO knowledge needed
Data-driven decisions
How OptiMonk AI works

Scalable website personalization
made easy

Smart Personalizer

Paid ads supercharged with real-time, 1-to-1 personalization for any landing page

Personalize your landing pages for each and every visitor. Tailor any headline, description or text based on the interest of your visitor – 100% automatically.

Smart Personalization
Smart A/B testing

Boost website conversions with fully automated, AI-assisted A/B testing

Forget time-consuming A/B testing. Just pick the elements on your website you want to test, and let our AI do the rest of the job.

Product Page Optimizer

Turn product detail pages into high-converting sales pages with AI-powered copy

Use the power of AI to create better headlines, descriptions, and benefit lists, and run A/B tests to tailor the ideal product page. And do it for thousands of product pages – parallelly.

Smart Popups
Smart Popups

No more generic popups, show a personalized popup for each visitor

Smart popups built for conversion. Achieve 10-15% opt-in rates without annoying your visitors.

Case studies

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Varnish and Vine achieved an impressive 48.3% increase in revenue.

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Solar lights

SolaGarden increased their online revenue by 11.6%.

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The Mounteen team generated a 18% increase in online revenue.

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