Smart Personalizer

Boost your Google Ads results with real-time personalization

Use the power of AI to match the messaging of your landing pages to your Google Ads automatically, boosting relevancy and conversions.

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What is it

Tailor landing page headlines dynamically to ad keywords and boost your ROAS by up to 200%

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Increase website conversions
with real-time, 1-to-1 personalization

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Boost PPC conversion rates up to 100%

Unlock the true potential of your site and boost your ROAS.

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Scaleable to hundreds of ads & landing pages

Effortlessly personalize hundreds of landing pages at once.

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Fully automated, self-learning optimization

Use the power of AI & experience the future of optimization.


See how it looks like in practice

How it works

Setup once.
Enjoy the benefits forever.

Step 1: Choose the elements you want to personalize

Decide which messages you want to personalize on your landing page with AI.

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Step 2: Preview personalized version for some keywords

You can review the AI-generated, personalized content for some keywords, allowing you to assess how effectively the customization aligns with your targeted audience’s needs and preferences.

Step 3: Launch your campaign and watch your results grow

Watch the magic unfold as personalization takes place automatically and measure the impact of these changes on your conversions easily.

How to get started with
Smart Personalization

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Free strategy session

Week #1

First, schedule a free strategy session with our experts, learn how your business can use OptiMonk AI, and get a personalized recommendation for your website.

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White-glove setup

Week #2

After we agree on the next steps, our skilled professionals will take care of the technical configurations and set up the new campaigns on your website.

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30-day free trial

Starts from week #3

Once your OptiMonk AI setup is complete, your 30-day free trial will get started. This trial period allows you to witness firsthand how OptiMonk AI can increase your conversion rates and overall business performance.

Don't miss out on increased conversions.
Discover the power of AI today.

Unlock AI-driven personalization and increased revenue before your competitors do.
Get started with Smart Personalization and transform your business immediately!

Would you like to learn more about OptiMonk AI?

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OptiMonk AI: Feature Walkthrough + Live Q&A

60-min live product event

Would you like to explore OptiMonk AI and all its features with us and learn how you can unlock your website’s full potential without the limitations and challenges of traditional conversion optimization? Register for our live product event!