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Capture prospects leaving their cart

Detect potential buyers who are about to leave without making
a purchase & show a secondary offer to prevent cart abandonment
What our users say
We can show a popup to every visitor that helps the user experience or supports the purchase decision – says after achieving 16.5% decrease in AVON’s cart abandonment rate.
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Ildiko Siklosi
AVON Cosmetics Hungary

Save your potential
revenue loss

The global cart abandonment rate is around 70%. Although it’s a huge problem for online retailers,
it also provides a significant opportunity to generate more sales. Once a visitor leaves items behind,
it doesn’t mean that the sale is gone. Just make sure you care about abandoners.

Encourage uncertain buyers

On average, 7 out of 10 visitors who add an item to their cart will leave without buying. Sometimes they only need some extra info or incentive.

Maximize your

Online stores spend millions to drive traffic. When a prospect leaves the site, they must repeat this process and spend those resources again.


90% of potential buyers cannot be reached effectively 1 hour after the abandonment. So, you should retarget them right before they leave your site.

Make prospects checkout immediately

One of the easiest ways to reduce cart abandonment is to simply notify leaving visitors of their cart. Go a step further by encouraging them with a coupon that is automatically added to complete the checkout immediately.

I chose OptiMonk for cart recovery due to their flexibility and the ability to do dynamic text. [...] I was confident that the user experience would be improved.

Eugene Tutunikov

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Promote ebooks as incentives to build your list

Offering an incentive not only helps you grow your immediate sales, but it also allows you to gather your prospects’ email addresses and turn uncertain visitors into customers later with email marketing.

OptiMonk allowed us to gain 8,997 new subscribers within a month. We can offer these leads content and special offers via email to get them to convert.

Ezra Firestone

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Save cart content
(coming soon)

Show a "save your cart" message to make abandoning visitors complete their purchase later. After signing up, the cart content will be sent via email and they can finish the buying process with 1 click.

I use a 10% off coupon popup and unique coupon code. We have received about $22,000 in sales from that coupon code in a little over a month so the app more than pays for itself especially if you have a lot of traffic like we do.

Eric Moore

Powerful solutions to combat cart abandonment

Our toolkit has been designed to help you reduce
your cart abandonment rate effectively

Abandonment recognition

We detect the precise millisecond when a visitor is about to leave the cart. At that moment a message appears to prevent cart abandonment.

Targeting based on cart content

Display personalized recovery offers by targeting abandoning visitors based on the number of products in their cart and the total value of their cart.


Promote limited-time offers and use a countdown timer to make your visitors feel like there is a “ticking clock” urging them to buy immediately.

Cart notification

In addition to typical popup overlays, nanobars and sidebars are also a great way to remind your visitors that they put an item in their cart.

Easy-to-Use Drag
& Drop Editor

Setting up a cart abandonment campaign has never been faster and easier with our drag & drop editor that comes with 200+ beautiful templates.

High-level personalization

Create as many cart abandonment campaigns as you wish, and target different visitor segments with different - and fully-customized - offers.

Discover endless possibilities

Recovering your (almost) lost carts
can take a variety of forms

Works with all ecommerce platforms

Your cart abandonment messages
will be up and running on any online store

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