Become an OptiMonk Reseller Partner

Act as a popup provider and maximize your profit without any development and support. Pay a yearly fee and you could use OptiMonk as your own, unbranded tool.

Features & benefits

Turn your OptiMonk base fee into your own revenue stream

Unlimited growth opportunity

Win your customers easily with a proven solution. Use our resources and create a revenue flow easily around your customer base.

No need to develop or support

We will give you the best popup tool unbranded. As a product led software we will take care about the development and support of it.

Set your prices as you want

Grow with the help of our product and set your prices for your needs, no strings attached.

Stakes are high also the rewards

The profit that you could make it with the unbranded product only depend on your skills to sell it to your users.

Your invested time and efforts are worth the risk because you will reap the rewards for yourself.

No commission, no hidden fees

100 dollar out of 100 is yours, you just need to pay the base fee and all the users will use your product.

...and more

Including all the Agency benefits:

Manage multiple accounts

Get access to your clients' accounts. Manage and analyze all your customers' campaigns in one single account

Private VIP templates designed for your brand

Create your own private templates and use cases, accessible only for your clients. Manage these easily in the template manager, share it with all or specific clients.

Promote your branded collection page

Promote your own, branded template collection landing page, where you can highlight your favorite templates and introduce yourself.

Ready-to-use materials

We provide access to our library of pre-made ads and advanced marketing materials, enabling you to build your own sales funnel and get new clients faster.

Drive traffic with a huge email & blog post boost

Drive traffic to your website via guest posts on and use our email list to promote your solutions.

Be part of the OptiMonk Family Community

Here you can connect with hundreds of ecommerce brands and get insights of the real challenges of the industry participants.

case study

How did our most effective Reseller
partner made it?

„When we started using OptiMonk, we knew all the
great features in offered: the tons of pre-built templates
that made it easy for our clients to create campaigns quickly.
The easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and so much more.
But it was when our client’s satisfaction levels started to
go up that we truly realized the value OptiMonk brings to us.”

Brenda Tan
Head of Partnerships at Ematic Solutions.

138 hours

Saved from the Ematic team
(per month) by not having to
support their own tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have both! When you become certified you will be given access to an Exclusive Partner Channel on Slack and granted access to the Private Facebook Group.

Our commission structure starts at 20% which will increase based on the number of clients you sign up.

We pay a commission on every purchase from our website.

Your commissions are processed monthly, and you will paid the commissions earned from the previous month. Note that commissions less than $100 will sit in the account until you reach $100 or more then it will be processed.

When you join you will be partners up with the Partner Manager and Business Success Mentor, and they will walk you through our programs. Our main focus is help you grow your business and serve your clients.

Example items we will help with:

How to present proposals
Different selling methodologies
Tech Support
Ongoing education and coaching around selling, best practices and customer value optimisation.