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It's super easy to set-up pop-ups. No technical teams required. Also if you want to write more complex business rules based on your data layer it handles it. It's the best on the market.
Danica Brown

Turn strangers into friends

Both in the online & offline world, common interests is a huge factor
in friendship. Website visitors have already showed some level of interest to you… so,
it’s a perfect match to get some quality „friends” for your social sites.


Reach half
of online users

Half of all people using the Internet are on Facebook – and it’s just 1 platform. You should care about social media to get a chance to reach your audience.

Quality followers interact

Only those users like and comment who know you. So, turning visitors into followers will result in more interactions – which means better reach.

Social media
helps decisions

Studies show that 87% of online shoppers use the social media to facilitate the selection and the decision making before buying.

Gather quality followers

Whether your visitors are customers or not yet, by checking your site they’ve already showed some level of interest to your business. You can expect more interactions on your social media sites if you ask these visitors to follow your pages.

It's easy to setup and configure. The pricing is very attractive compared to other products in the marketplace that often charge a % of the additional revenue. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Richard Stanton

Facilitate social sharing

Do you want to reach more people with your special offer? Use social share buttons on the thank you page of your offer and let your visitors spread the word. Launching this kind of user generated content campaigns can be one of the best ways to build your brand.

OptiMonk's templates are perfect for the busy business owner.
It only took me 10 minutes to set up my first campaign.

Elizabeth Brewis


Collect Facebook Messenger subscribers

Instead of gathering email subscribers, grow your Messenger list and send automated messages to your subscribers to get 85% open rate (instead of ~22%).

Results were showing within days. Subscription rate growth is MASSIVELY increased, there is no comparison to previous.

Evan Henshaw
The Patch Panel

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Tools to build social community

Here are 6 of our powerful features that
help you make the most of your social presence

following icons

Let your visitors follow your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn site by displaying customizable social follow icons on the onsite messages.

sharing icons

Use social sharing icons on your onsite messages to make your contents shareable on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

Send to
Messenger button

Make your visitors sign up to your Facebook Messenger list by using a ’Send to Messenger’ button instead of - or next to - the email form field.

icon style

Choose from 3 social icon styles and customize their appearance to make sure the icons will totally fit the design of your site and your message.

ManyChat, Recart integration

Push Messenger subscribers to ManyChat or use Recart's Shopify app to send ecommerce messages, like cart abandonment notification.

YouTube video

Increase your video views by displaying a YouTube video. If you turn on autoplay, you can make sure it will catch your visitors’ attention.

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