Smart A/B testing

Boost your landing page conversion rates with AI

Forget time-consuming A/B testing. Let AI
automate 99% of your CRO tasks.

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What is it

Fully automated, AI-powered A/B testing for your landing pages

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Increase website conversion rates
without any hassle

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Set up & forget

Just set it up once, then relax and watch your results grow.

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No CRO expertise needed

Unlock the full potential of CRO without any CRO knowledge.

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Fully automatic

Harness the power of AI and automate 99% of the CRO process.

What you can expect

Say goodbye to guesswork. Embrace
data-driven optimization today.

How it works

Set up in minutes.
Let AI do 99% of the job.

Step 1: Choose elements

Choose the elements you want to test on your landing pages. Whether it’s the headline, images, descriptions, call-to-action buttons, or any other crucial component, you can easily select with just one click the elements you want to optimize.

Step 2: Set up variants

Once our AI generates the variants for your landing pages, you’re in the driver’s seat. Review and examine each variant, and effortlessly make adjustments or cancel any that you don’t like. You can also embrace your creativity and add your very own variants to the mix.

Step 3: Launch A/B test

Launch it and let our AI do the rest of the job! With 100% automation, our advanced technology handles each element’s testing in parallel, ensuring efficient and rapid experimentation.

Looking for a Google Optimize alternative?

OptiMonk’s Smart A/B testing is an automated, AI-powered Google Optimize solution. Not to mention that the OptiMonk team fully supports your setup process so you can save a lot of time.

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How to get started with
Smart A/B Testing

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Free strategy session

Week #1

First, schedule a free strategy session with our experts, learn how your business can use OptiMonk AI, and get a personalized recommendation for your website.

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White-glove setup

Week #2

After we agree on the next steps, our skilled professionals will take care of the technical configurations and set up the new campaigns on your website.

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30-day free trial

Starts from week #3

Once your OptiMonk AI setup is complete, your 30-day free trial will get started. This trial period allows you to witness firsthand how OptiMonk AI can increase your conversion rates and overall business performance.

Don't miss out on increased conversions.
Discover the power of AI today.

Unlock fully automated A/B testing and increased revenue before your competitors do.
Get started with Smart A/B testing and transform your business immediately!

Would you like to learn more about OptiMonk AI?

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OptiMonk AI: Feature Walkthrough + Live Q&A

60-min live product event

Would you like to explore OptiMonk AI and all its features with us and learn how you can unlock your website’s full potential without the limitations and challenges of traditional conversion optimization? Register for our live product event!