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Jason K Williamson
Founder of E2 Agency

$80 Million Dollar eCommerce Marketer Openly Reveals...

Jason K Williamson, the ecommerce marketer behind 80 Million Dollar campaigns, will openly reveal
his brand-new list-building method called the “Trojan Horse” that is used to acquire customers
at dirt cheap prices.

A proven strategy to craft a mafia offer that can't be refused

You'll learn how to create a ridiculous offer that would get website visitors throwing their mobile numbers at you. This will make building a list easy as 1, 2, 3...

The exact formula for creating the perfect popup

You'll discover the exact formula for creating the perfect popup, creating an avalanche of subscribers dying to buy from your store.

The secret behind turning 2 cents into $30+

And finally, you'll learn how this $80 Million Dollar Marketer is turning 2 cents in $30+ with the perfect follow-up sequence, and how you can too... Even if you've never sent a text before.

Meet your host

Jason K Williamson

80 Million Dollar Marketer

Jason K Williamson (founder of E2 Agency) is responsible for helping ecommerce brands all over the world generate more than 30% extra revenue added to their store consistently every single month.

Jason’s empathy and genuineness help him connect with brand owners on a deeper level, making their brand feel like his own & attaching his level of love and attention to help generate ridiculous results.

Jason has been in the industry for more than 8 years and has been known around the globe, speaking at events, coaching students, agencies & teaching at masterminds.

If you want to learn from the best, he is the best.

“The team at E2 are experts on Klaviyo and I would highly recommend them to any ecommerce store looking to grow fast, make a lot of money, and work with good people.”

Pete James
Senior Account Executive

Results from Jason's proven and
battle-tested strategy

$281K extra revenue for Biktrix

Biktrix’s bottom line spiked by $281K after adopting the Trojan Horse method’s behavioral-based email & SMS automations that allowed them to boost their profit margins.

Extra $60,000 in 2 months

“I’m going to refer you to pretty much
everyone… You generated around $60,000 in 2 months.”

Murray Edwards, Advanced Teeth Whitening

30%+ increase in sales

“We started working with Jason 90 days ago. I can’t express what a massive difference that makes in an ecom business.”

Matt Orlic, Inspire Brand Groups

60%+ increase in ROI

“We hired Jason to help us with our SMS & email program. Literally overnight we increased our return on email from 15% to 25%”

Alex Urban, Lions Not Sheep

Master the Trojan Horse method
today and unlock thousands of
hidden sales in your store!

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