user experience protector

Stop worrying about popups affecting user experience

Show popups at the right time with the right frequency.
Run multiple campaigns simultaneously without overwhelming your visitors.

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How it works

Protect user experience like
a gurdian angel

ux protector - User experience protector

Smart cap on how many campaigns
your visitors see

Based on how safe you want to be, the User Experience Protector puts a smart cap on the number of campaigns your visitors are shown and displays the ones with the highest priority first.

Why it works

Your visitors expect you to care about
user experience


of popup haters dislike the most that popups are everywhere


conversions can be achieved if popups are timed appropriately


of visitors are ready to share their information if the popup is relevant to them

Based on data from G2 and our research

Smart targeting

More personalized campaigns,
less worrying

Create a unique visitor experience for each of your segments

The User Experience Protector will make sure to show only the most relevant campaigns without overwhelming your visitors.

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3 reasons to use the
User Experience Protector


Provide better user

Create as many campaigns as you want without overwhelming your visitors with popups.


Optimize for both impressions
& user experience

Use intelligent settings so you don’t have to compromise on conversions.


Prioritize your most important campaigns

Make sure your most important campaigns will be shown first to your visitors.

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