2014 November Updates: New customer acquisition template, A/B testing, general integration with Webhook, HTTPS compatibility

We are continuously updating OptiMonk to bring more visitors and customers to your site. These newly developed updates are designed to help you achieve incredible results with your popups.

1. New Customer Acquisition Template: Dharma

With the help of this new template you can easily redirect your visitors from one page on your site to another page. Use this template when you have a special offer or new product that everyone who visits your site should see. This template is especially worth using when the information you want to share is more than a popup could possibly show.

You only need an eye-catching headline on the popup so that your visitors will be compelled to click on ’Yes’ to be redirected to your landing page.

You can send a great many of your visitors to any landing page this way. However, the landing page needs to be optimized as well to achieve the best results.  OptiMonk helps you take the important first step of getting visitors to your landing page, the rest is up to you.

One way to use the template:New customer acquisition template

Some timely advice for the Holiday season

Use the Dharma template as an integral part of your Christmas campaign! Make sure your visitors see your special Holiday offer. With the help of this new template you can easily highlight the landing page of your Christmas campaign and achieve greater results within the same budget.

One very important note, don’t forget to make sure that this popup is set to not show on the landing page you are redirecting your visitors to :).

2. A/B testing

A/B testing is one of the most important tools of ecommerce optimization. Testing is inevitable in order to enhance the success of your campaigns. After you define your goals, A/B testing is the vehicle to get you to the finish line!

With the help of A/B testing built-in to the OptiMonk platform, you can compare two or more popups and then see which one is better. You may have a “gut feeling” about what works best for your customers. A/B testing gives you measurable results to check against your gut. This way, you can make the most logical decision to improve your conversions.

In other words, A/B testing quickly shows you what works for your customers and what doesn’t. You can compare two different versions of a popup, with changes to the message or design, and see which popup performs the best, which popup is the “winner”.

A quick note, it’s important to allow enough data, enough visitors to your site, before you decide which popup is the “winner”.

3. HTTPS compatibility

As we continuously improve OptiMonk, we are making it more secure and compliant with secure websites. We’re proud to announce that from now on you can use your OptiMonk campaigns on sites using the https protocol.

However, before you transfer your existing campaigns to use with the https protocol, you need to make some changes first:

If you want to use OptiMonk under the https protocol, you need to generate the javascript code for your popups again. The new javascript code will work with the https protocol. Please note: The previous code will continue to work for standard http protocol, so you don’t need to do anything if you’re using the standard http protocol. New code must be generated to use with the https protocol.
In case you want to use a previous campaign on an https site, you’ll have to upload the pictures again and save these new pictures to the campaign. This way, OptiMonk will know the new location for the pictures stored in accordance with the secure https protocol.

4. New newsletter integrations

We know that many of our customers use existing email and marketing services. We’re committed to making OptiMonk work with all major email and marketing services. We’re integrating the following newsletter services to make collecting, tracking, and communicating with your subscribers easier for you!

Campaign Monitor

5. General integration with Webhook

As part of our effort to provide greater integration with web marketing tools, we are now making it possible to connect OptiMonk with systems that we have not fully integrated yet. With the help of Webhook, you can integrate your OptiMonk account with uniquely developed systems as well!

By providing integration with Webhook, we’re making it possible to connect nearly any system with ours. We know that many of our customers have systems that they have invested in. We’re proud to provide integration so you can add the awesome power of OptiMonk to your existing platform.

Some IT knowledge is needed for the complete setup however, this allows you the freedom to use OptiMonk with nearly any system.

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