What is Retargeting

What is Ecommerce Retargeting & Consent?

The question “What is Retargeting” might seem a simple question, but the answer is far from straightforward.  This is because anyone looking to understand website retargeting also needs to understand the consequences of using it. It’s like opening Pandora’s box and yes, there be shark’s inside named consent and privacy. Understanding what it is, and […]

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How you can use Audience Targeting to Show Your Ads to Buyers

How to Use Audience Targeting to Show Your Ads to Buyers

The faster you learn about a website visitor the faster you can identify their needs and win their business. So, when you consider that in most cases you only get one shot at targeting them, you really need to take your shot count, and before they leave your website to never return. When I say […]

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15 popup example feedback survey questions

15 Example Popup Feedback Survey Questions

A customer’s feedback – let it be good or bad – can be very useful for your website.  The example feedback survey questions below are invaluable.Feedback can provide a wealth of valuable information and help, in some cases, in the decision-making process. The biggest companies have grown so big, in part because they have elicited […]

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How to Create a Custom Popup by Using OptiMonk

How to Create a Popup? – Easy Custom Popup With Optimonk

Using the renewed OptiMonk, you can display different types of on-site messages to visitors to convert them. Our new toolkit comes with 30+ ready-to-use templates to help you grow your email list, Facebook Messenger list, decrease cart abandonment, promote special offers, get customer feedback and much more. That’s great for users with basic needs. But […]

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How Extreme Digital acquired more than 65,000 subscribers in 41 days?

How Extreme Digital Acquired 65,000+ Subscribers in 41 Days?

Extreme Digital is an ecommerce store that was established in 2001. In the beginning, they sold only digital cameras, but later increased their selection of products. Today they are selling every kind of product – from computer equipment to office furniture – and it has become Hungary’s market leading ecommerce store. In this case study, […]

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[CASE STUDY] How EnsembleIQ.com Got 40% Increase in Lead Generation

How EnsembleIQ Got 40% Increase in Lead Generation

This case study about EnsembleIQ explains why lead generation is by far one of the best strategies to acquire customers who will connect with your brand. In this modern age with so many different platforms providing strategies for lead generation, qualifying leads and finding the right customers has become a focus with 66% of organizational […]

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[CASE STUDY] How MyExcelOnline generated $22,800 extra revenue with OptiMonk

How MyExcelOnline generated $22,800 extra revenue

According to leading Web Designers and Conversion Optimization Specialists, your website has at most 10 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. Here is how one business (MyExcelOnline) generated $22,800 extra revenue by addressing visitors impactience.  Your homepage is the single if not most visited page on your website and therefore the […]

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How to Choose Your Retargeting Campaign Type to Maximize ROI

Did you set up your first popup retargeting campaign, but you’re not seeing the results you expected? Are you frustrated by the conversion rate? Dozens of articles, marketing gurus and companies tell stories about how effective popups are. Because it’s proven, they are effective. Then, you ask rightfully: What am I doing wrong? What’s wrong with my website?  […]

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How to Create An Exit Intent Popup – 25-Point Checklist

How to Create an Exit Intent Popup – Checklist The terms “exit intent” and “exit intent popup” have become well known over recent years. It is a technology that triggers a notice or popup when your visitors’ behavior indicates they are about to leave your site. The goal of an exit intent popup is to […]

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