How to Calculate conversion rate

Conversion Confusion – How to Calculate Conversion Rate

On a global level (the entirety of your website), your website conversion rate is the sum of all your website optimization efforts, providing an indication of future sales by calculating the percentage conversion from the number of sales from the total number of website visitors.  In terms of conversion rate optimization this is of little value because […]

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On Demand Feedback

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Performance

Asking for feedback is an essential task for every business. It helps to improve customer experience, improve conversion rates and gain new ideas for A/B testing, but most importantly, use feedback to improve personalization, which in itself helps to build a better product or service roadmap. The focus of this article will be ecommerce and […]

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Cohort Analysis vs Split Testing

What is Cohort Analyis + How Can it Be Used for CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization Most of the time when a CRO professional speaks of testing content, they mean AB testing, however this is not always the case. Sometimes there are situations where cross-sectional study like AB testing is not the right approach to analysis. In cases where time is a factor in the comparison then a […]

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reflexshop banner com small 1024x684 - How Reflexshop doubled its orders with cart abandonment campaigns?

How Reflexshop doubled its orders with cart abandonment campaigns?

Your cart abandonment rate figures are not at all impressing? Wondering where did your visitors go? You’ve put so many effort into earning them, but still they leave you behind with an empty cart? What if we say that it’s all about psychology? Read our case study below and learn all the tricks about your […]

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best metrics for ecommerce

Retention Rate vs Engagement Rate: Which Metric is Best

A good starting point for optimizing your ecommerce store is to focus on doing more of those tasks that work and generate revenue. Although this sounds simple and it might be obvious to you which channels and tasks are performing well, it is still a good practice to calculate your revenue per traffic source. This […]

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How a shoe retailer collected 56,000+ subscribers with coupon marketing

How to collect 56,000+ subscribers with coupon marketing

Are you, too, struggling with converting your subscribers into buyers? You are sending regular newsletters, but somehow cannot persuade your subscribers to complete that order and buy from you? If your answers are definitely yes, read our case study below where you can find out how two shoe stores, ZooShoo and their sub-store, Yru collected […]

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What Are Online Touchpoints and How to Use them for Better Conversion?

There’s nothing else quite like your product. Your branding looks fantastic and your website is just the way you want it. But do they all work together to achieve the same thing? Are they all presenting the same message? A coherent message is crucial to presenting your business in a professional, trustworthy manner. Luckily, each […]

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Body Shop EN 1024x717 - 14% revenue increase: Christmas campaign ideas from The Body Shop

14% revenue increase: Christmas campaign ideas from The Body Shop

Christmas, gifts, holiday rush… sounds familiar? Even if you are snowed in and don’t have time to prepare your online store for the Christmas rush, its no too late to do small changes to be ready. We’re going to show you, how can you make the most out of your store, just like The Body […]

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