How Goldelucks' Product Page Optimization Strategy Led to a 31.56% Boost in Orders

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Are you getting lots of visitors from both organic searches and paid ads, but finding it tough to turn them into customers? Goldelucks had the same problem, but they managed to tackle the challenge. How did they pull off a 66% increase in order revenue? Let's dive in and find out!

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Meet Goldelucks

Goldelucks is a dessert delivery service based in Australia that’s been popular in Melbourne since 2018. 

Started by Phillip Kuoch, Goldelucks doughnuts have quickly become the go-to for delicious treats in the city. 

With over 350,000 happy customers and rave reviews from magazines, Goldelucks is known as a top service for ordering doughnuts in the area.

The challenge

Although they received a significant amount of traffic to their product pages through organic and paid search channels, a large portion of these potential customers were leaving without making a purchase. 

Recognizing that untapped potential and seeking to enhance their ROI, Goldelucks was looking for solutions to convert more of these product page visitors into paying customers.

However, they were determined not to use traditional methods like discounts, which could reduce their profits.

The solution

In their journey to optimize product page performance and boost conversions, Goldelucks implemented three innovative strategies. 

1. Product page optimization 

Initially, their product pages featured only the name of the product and some nice, high-quality images of the product above the fold. The description was hidden below the fold. 

This layout meant that there was no value highlighted at the top.  

This is where OptiMonk’s Smart Product Page Optimizer came in. With this tool, Goldelucks added short, benefit-driven descriptions to each of their product pages automatically to improve the above-the-fold content.

Goldelucks optimized their product page with OptiMonk

Highlighting key value propositions above the fold immediately resonated with visitors, and this optimization strategy resulted in a 31.56% increase in orders.

2. Dynamic content optimization

Goldelucks’ next strategy was to implement a highlighted element on the product pages with OptiMonk’s Dynamic Content feature. The goal of this element was to communicate extra information to the visitors. 

They tested two different versions. 

On the first one, they highlighted the USP: “Unforgettable Gift: Add a confetti explosion with any hamper.” 

Goldelucks Dynamic Content

On the second one, they highlighted the delivery timeframe: “Order by 2 PM AEST (Mon-Fri) & 8 AM AEST (Sat) for Same Day Dispatch. View all the Same Day products here.” 

Goldelucks case study

Through A/B testing, they discovered that the first version—highlighting a USP—led to a 66.2% increase in revenue, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic messaging placement.

3. Smart recommender popup 

Their final goal was to convert visitors who were about to leave without buying. 

To tackle this, they created a Smart Recommender Popup triggered on exit-intent for product page visitors. 

Smart recommender popup triggering

This personalized popup was generated using OptiMonk’s Smart Popups tool. It showcased AI-written headlines and suggested tailored products for each visitor based on browser history and preferences.

For example, on the “Chocolate Christmas Tree w/ Donuts” product page, abandoning visitors saw this popup:

Goldelucks Smart recommender popup

But visitors who were looking at the “Gold Butterfly Explosion Box” product page saw this one: 

Goldelucks Smart recommender popup

The result? A 12.27% increase in orders, underscoring the impact of personalized recommendations on conversion rates.

The results

Goldelucks’ innovative techniques delivered some impressive outcomes:

  1. A 31.56% increase in orders attributed to product page optimization.
  2. A 66.2% increase in order revenue thanks to the implementation of a dynamic content highlighting the USP.
  3. A 12.27% increase in orders generated by the Smart Recommender Popup, demonstrating the efficacy of personalized recommendations in driving conversions.

In conclusion, Goldelucks’ approach incorporated new and innovative optimization methods that not only boosted their conversion rates significantly but also cemented their position as a frontrunner in Melbourne’s competitive dessert market. 

By thinking outside the box and using conversion rate optimization tools like OptiMonk, Goldelucks proves that smart strategies can lead to sales boosts and increased conversions. 

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