Onsite Journey Analysis

Discover the biggest conversion-opportunities in your ecommerce funnel

Get a site review with personalized and actionable steps on how to optimize your conversion rate.

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Uncover hidden opportunities

Our optimization specialist will review your website from a customer’s perspective and show you areas where you can improve.

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See where your store is leaking money

Discover the problems costing you money. Even minor issues can cause you to lose potential sales. We’ll identify these problems and give you solutions.

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Get your personalized optimization plan

Get actionable advice, tested examples, and personalized assistance with setting up your OptiMonk campaigns.

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“We have seen some mind-blowing numbers during these couple of campaigns we planned, and it was great to experience that the work we put into the campaigns – and the work we will continue to put into them – will have its results.”

Peter Barkai
Co-Owner of Beerselection.hu

What is it

Our Customer Value Optimization Process

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The Onsite Journey Analysis is the first stage of our

What's included:

Marketing & Customer Discovery Interview

The first phase of your analysis is to understand your market and your customers thoroughly. The goal of this process is to get a clear picture of who your customers are and the market you are competing in.

Data Analysis & Opportunity Discovery

After understanding your market dynamics and your customers, time to get data-driven. We'll dig deep into your Google Analytics and find leaks where your store is losing money.

Opportunity Prioritization

There are usually more opportunities than available resources. We'll prioritize your opportunities based on your biggest ROI, so you can get the best value for your resources.

Price $ 500

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