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In 2024, two things are crucial for e-commerce marketers: understanding what works and optimizing for mobile visitors. These principles drove our latest developments. You’ll see it in all our features: precise campaign performance data, mobile previews, and sleek new mobile-optimized templates. Plus, we’ve made our AI-powered Smart A/B testing even smarter to keep you ahead of the game – if that’s your thing.

Renewed Analytics

Domain-level stats & more detailed conversion metrics

We’ve revamped our analytics dashboard for clearer conversion metrics and domain-level stats, allowing quick access to visitor counts, orders, and conversion rates across all conversion goals.

optimonk campaign analytics

GA4 integration

See order & revenue stats for any store

Sync order and revenue data automatically from Google Analytics 4, and get valuable campaign insights focused on revenue. Orders marked as “purchase” in GA4 sync automatically, ensuring you have the latest data in Campaign Analytics.

Custom Conversion Events

Measure conversions based on any custom event

Customize tracking by defining any website action as a conversion event other than purchases, like pageviews, button clicks registration, ebook downloads, quotation requests etc., helping you better understand how your campaigns are performing.

Smart A/B Testing upgrade

Set up your A/B tests even faster

It’s now simpler and quicker to set up Smart A/B Tests for website copy—our AI analyzes your site and suggests headlines to test, offering various versions for each. Plus, tracking performance is easier than ever with a new, dedicated analytics screen for Smart A/B tests.

Mobile preview

Check your campaigns on multiple devices

Recognizing that over 70% of visitors browse on mobile devices, it is crucial to ensure they have a good experience. This is why we’ve introduced a new feature in the Editor that allows you to preview your campaigns on various mobile screens. Now, you can easily check how your campaigns appear across different devices, ensuring they look just as you intended, no matter where they’re viewed.

popup mobile editor

New templates

8 fresh, mobile-optimized themes

Check out our 8 new themes, designed to make your popups and campaigns look better than ever on mobile devices. We’ve revamped popular designs and introduced fresh, eye-catching themes. Each theme comes ready with powerful settings to kickstart your campaign in minutes. Customize easily with your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos to get just the right look.

New use case

Smart Discount Popup

Meet the Smart Discount Popup—our top formula for list building. Developed after analyzing millions of campaigns, this tactic includes all key elements to maximize conversion rates. Follow our step-by-step guide, choose from our ready-to-use templates, and give this tactic a try!

smart discount popup usecase
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