How to Get Customer Reviews from Customer Feedback

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One of the most important parts of conversion rate optimization is to obtain social proof that you can then share, proof that what you offer is great. One of the best ways to do this is to request a customer review while obtaining feedback. Customer reviews, as a form of social proof, are a powerful tool for building trust in your brand.

However, your ultimate goal should not be to just get great customer reviews, but rather turn your new customers into something more valuable, repeat customers and ultimately brand advocates. So how can you identify the ideal candidates from among your customer base?

Simple, select the most willing to engage with you on feedback requests.

Obtaining Customer Feedback

To obtain customer feedback or customer reviews online you need either an advanced, bespoke Shopify theme or a Shopify app such as OptiMonk which has features to target and directly interact with customers at moments of opportunity. 

The first step is to identify the products that are most likely to get rave reviews, or in other words, which of your products would you expect to become popular? Then compare this expectation to reality. Then create an instant message, perhaps a popup overlay message that appears based upon your conditions of activation being met.

This might include:

  • At least one Item purchased.
  • Returning at least one week after purchase (if a physical product, delay to account for delivery). Here a great way to get them to return is to offer a discount on a future purchase.
  • Target the customer at precisely the right moment to elicit customer feedback. How this is achieved varies depending on the business and product.

While there are some Shopify themes that have the desired functionality, most are not up to the task of collecting feedback effectively, for example most do not have the ability to interact with those same individuals that supplied the feedback earlier. 

There are solutions to this particular issue and we will take you undercover to see how OptiMonk deals with this particular challenge.

It all begins with a simple star ranking.

Here’s what the star ranking looks like with the OptiMonk Shopify App.

Via a Nanobar

Via a feedback popup overlay

There are lots of feedback templates to choose from with OptiMonk lets take a look at some of them.

One of the best things about OptiMonk’s feedback popup messages is that you can tailor them to your needs by adding additional pages to the popup creating a multi-stage popup and then use the simple to use drag and drop editor to add the functionality you need to each step.  

The example below demonstrates this process of obtaining reviews through the use of a feedback template and then through the various steps to the point of review submission.

Getting customer reviews

You might feel there is a better way to obtain reviews than the process flow above, well that’s just fine because with OptiMonk you can create any process you like, just drag and drop those elements or pages.

Another great feature of OptiMonk is that you can change the message according to customers responses.  For example, depending on user action during a popup series, the series can jump ahead within the series, skipping steps that have been opted out from by the customer. 

The above popup series demonstrates this. Offering a choice to the customer as to whether they give a review or not is appreciated by the customer and improves conversion.

In the above example, most people will no doubt click the NO at this point, but those that truly love your products or brand will say YES (moves on to the review popup page). If the user clicks no the popup series jumps the next review popup (below).

You aren’t limited to asking all these questions in one go either. With OptiMonk you can create several popups to do the same job as the longer multi-step one above. This is because you can use one popup, once completed, – to trigger further popups in the future.  

For example, a feedback request (star rating) once completed and closed might then trigger a short review request on another visit to your website, or perhaps after a certain time-on-page and on desktop, demonstrating that they have lots of time available.


There you have it, a demonstration of how OptiMonk can be used to obtain not only Feedback but a review as well in a both a single multi-step popup series as well as a funnel, one popup interaction triggering the next.  

When thinking about funnels and multi-step popups it is important to consider consumer psychology, for example if a customer supplies a star rating, then they are more likely to give you feedback about why they rated the way they did. This in turn will make them think about how you could improve what you offer. This in turn should increase the likelyhood that you will get a further explanation etc.

The option to provide a review will most likely be used by fans of your brand, therefore providing an indicator of whom you should offer incentives to become a brand advocate.

At any point the website visitor can X out of the popup series, however if this is done the teaser remains at the top left of the page. If returned to, the popup series will continue where the visitor exited.

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