How Personalization Propelled Our Popup Conversion Rate by 85% From Organic Traffic

How Personalization Propelled Our Popup Conversion Rate by 85% From Organic Traffic

In the world of SaaS businesses, the pursuit of organic traffic is a constant quest. At OptiMonk, we’re no exception… like many of our peers, we invest heavily in SEO to attract visitors to our website. In fact, organic traffic serves as the primary source of visitors to our website.

However, just like many other SaaS businesses, we were struggling with converting this organic traffic into subscribers or devoted OptiMonk users.

After many trials and errors, we have found a solution that almost doubled the efficiency of our popups. And today, we’ll share this strategy with you. Let’s get right into it! 

The challenge

Converting organic traffic into subscribers or OptiMonk users has always been a challenge. Our solution involved a familiar tool in our arsenal: exit-intent popups. Exit-intent popups have long been a cornerstone of OptiMonk’s offerings, but they had their limitations.

Initially, we deployed a catch-all strategy, displaying a generic exit-intent popup to all our organic visitors. 

While this approach captured some attention, the content of this popup simply couldn’t be relevant to all visitors, which led to low conversion rates.

In an attempt to create a more personalized user experience, we wanted to create a unique exit-intent popup for each article. However, we quickly realized that this approach would be labor-intensive and difficult to maintain as our blog expanded.

Acknowledging the need for innovation, we developed the Smart Popups tool, an AI-powered solution that allows you to show a personalized popup for each visitor.

Before sharing it with the world, we decided to put it to the test on our own website, and now we’re excited to present the outcomes to you.

So, how did our test fare? Let’s delve into the details.

The solution

The key innovation of Smart Popups is its ability to automatically generate personalized headlines for each article. 

Basically, you only create a single popup campaign with dynamically personalized content, and your visitors will see different popups. Depending on the content of the article a visitor is reading, the Smart Popups tool presents a tailored exit-intent popup.

For example, visitors who read about limited-time offers saw this popup, which was extremely relevant to them:

But visitors who read about upselling strategies and wanted to increase their ecommerce profit saw a different headline: 

OptiMonk Smart Popups example

And here’s another example. These visitors read about product recommendation examples, so of course the headline talked about product recommendations: 

OptiMonk Smart Popups example

The results

Thanks to the personalized popups, we experienced an impressive 85% increase in our popup conversion rate. This sharp improvement reflects the tool’s ability to engage and convert organic traffic effectively by delivering personalized, contextually relevant messages.

Would you like to try Smart Popups?

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