How Shoprenter Increased Its Lead Conversion Rate By 12.4% With Real-Time Personalization

How Shoprenter Increased Its Lead Conversion Rate By 12.4% With Real-Time Personalization

Shoprenter is Hungary’s market leader ecommerce platform. In this case study, you'll learn how Shoprenter used the power of AI to match the messaging of their homepage to their paid ads automatically and increase their desktop conversion rate by 12.4%.

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Meet Shoprenter

Shoprenter provides a professional online store system for Hungarian business owners. With more than 10 years of ecommerce experience behind them, their mission is to help businesses achieve their goals.

Building on the experience of more than 5,500 Hungarian online stores, they support store owners’ growth with a stylish appearance and diverse applications so that they can generate revenue around the clock.

The challenge

Like most SaaS businesses, Shoprenter relies heavily on Google Ads as a primary traffic source for generating leads. 

Their advertising efforts target keywords such as “ecommerce platform” and “building an ecommerce store.”

Despite investing substantial resources in attracting potential customers through various ad campaigns, they faced a significant challenge.

The core issue was that all their ads, regardless of the specific keyword they targeted, led users to one homepage with a single headline. 

This one-size-fits-all strategy failed to effectively address the diverse needs and interests of users who were searching for different keywords. 

Shoprenter recognized that to maximize their ROAS and capture more leads from Google Ads, a shift towards personalized headlines was imperative.

However, achieving true one-to-one personalization at scale presented a formidable obstacle. 

Creating multiple tailored landing pages to match each unique ad was a time-consuming task and very hard to manage in the long run.

In the face of these challenges, Shoprenter needed to find a scalable, efficient solution to transform their Google Ads campaigns, adapt to the diverse needs of their target audience, and ultimately enhance their advertising effectiveness. 

The solution

In their search for a solution, Shoprenter discovered OptiMonk’s Smart Personalizer, which allows marketers to tailor landing pages to match ad messaging and search intent automatically with the power of AI. 

With this tool, Shoprenter unlocked a powerful and efficient way of customizing their homepage messaging for each keyword, eliminating the need to manually create dozens of distinct landing pages or craft individual headlines. The AI-driven technology seamlessly generated personalized headlines and subheadlines for each keyword used in their advertising campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the AI-generated headlines.

People who searched for “opening an online store” and clicked on Shoprenter’s ad saw the following message: 

Shoprenter personalization example

Those who were looking at an alternative by searching for the “shopify” keyword, saw the following message:

Shoprenter personalization example

Here’s another example which was shown to people who were searching for “dropshipping online store”:

These are just a few examples of the many that were automatically set up by the Smart Personalizer.

The results

Implementing OptiMonk’s Smart Personalizer brought about a significant transformation in Shoprenter’s Google Ads campaigns. Overall, they were able to increase their desktop conversion rate by 12.4%.

This boost in the desktop conversion rate signaled a substantial improvement in the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and led to more leads, which is one of the most important KPIs for a SaaS business.

The ability to automatically tailor landing pages to match specific ad keywords played a pivotal role in capturing the attention and interest of desktop users. By delivering content that precisely aligned with the intent of users’ search queries, Shoprenter succeeded in not only increasing their conversion rate but also enhancing the overall user experience.

Smart Personalization

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