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List building
Discount Reminder
Lead Magnet
Seasonal Promo
Cart Saver
Free Shipping
Discount Reminder
Lead Magnet
List building
Seasonal Promo
Cart Saver
Free Shipping
Welcome discounts

Make more money on your best deals

The best way to ensure you don’t lose any potential customers is by collecting their email addresses on their first visit. Add
a discount to make it more effective.

Cart saver

Recover cart abandoners & drive shoppers back to checkout

Close more deals with or without discounting. Leverage product recommendations, countdown timers. Target messages based on cart content.


Boost cart value by letting your visitors know about your free shipping limit

Increase average order value by offering free shipping over a pre-defined price. Works seamlessly with your Shopify store.

List building

Achive 10-15% email and SMS opt-in rates

Accelerate list building with popups designed to achieve high conversions. Collect valuable zero-party data about product preferences and sync them with your marketing automation tool.

Feedback survey

Collect quality feedback & increase brand loyalty

Improve your customer journey by collecting valuable feedback form your website visitors or generate referrals and social mentions.

Product recommender

Upsell & cross-sell to your existing customers

Personalize your returning visitors experience with dynamic product recommendations and boost your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Discount reminder

Remind users of their coupons to encourage redemption

Boost discount code usage with a reminder sticky bar. It keeps codes visible, encourages purchases, and drives more sales.


Gamify experiences
to increase new visitor engagement

Boost engagement with fun-filled gamified popups such as lucky wheels or pick a present popups. Achieve a +15% boost in conversion rate.

Lead magnet

Grow your email list
by offering valuable content in the form
of ebooks

Offer a compelling lead magnet like
a free ebook to collect valuable leads
and convert them into customers later.


Make more money on your best deals

Whether you’re running a Christmas
sale or offering Black Friday deals, use
eye-catching popups to promote your sale campaigns around your store.

Browse more use cases:

Create popups that your

customers will actually love

easy to use

Customize them easily
with our drag & drop

Just drag and drop to make cool stuff – no
tech skills required.

Check how your campaign would appear and work over your live site.

Design elements once, use them forever.

Fancy a design? Use it for multiple use cases!

Template families

Great design or powerful use cases?

No need to choose.

Advanced features

Built to grow your sales,
not just
your email list

True Revenue Analytics

Forget vanity metrics. Focus on what really works by tracking order and revenue data.

Unique Discount Codes

Generate unique, single-use discount codes instantly.

Discount Code Reminder

Remind visitors of active discount codes to boost redemption.

Auto Discount Apply

Forget forgotten codes.
Make discounts auto-applied.

Smart Product Recommendations

OptiMonk’s Smart Product Recommender automatically suggests similar items to what visitors are viewing, helping to boost the average order value.

Cart-based Targeting

OptiMonk lets you target visitors based on cart value. For instance, near
the free shipping threshold sticky bars can show the remaining amount dynamically.

More personalization,

more conversions, less friction

Advanced Targeting Experiences User Protection Smart Tags AI-Personalization
Advanced targeting

Laser-target the
right audience

Show your messages at the right time,
to the right people with advanced targeting
& triggering options.


One campaign, personalized for multiple segments

Personalize your campaigns in no time using Experiences. Display a different headline, image, offer or campaign variant to different segments within the same campaign.


Protect your visitors against popup fatigue

OptiMonk’s User Experience Protector ensures only the most relevant campaigns are shown, balancing user experience with conversions by setting smart limits and prioritizing important campaigns.

Smart tags

Make your popups personal with Smart Tags

Add your visitor’s name, country, or cart value directly into your messages from our Visual Editor. Boost engagement instantly.


One popup, endless personalized variants

Personalize popups on all your product pages depending on context
and user behavior to achieve record conversion rates.

Used and loved by
30,000 brands worldwide

Bukvy Fashion

+45% Orders


+21% Conversions

Blendjet Health & Wellness

+26% Sales


+37% Sales

SweetPod5 stars
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Super solid app! Just started doing email and SMS marketing and hated how unprofessional-looking the in-built pop-up templates were for the email and SMS apps. The Optimonk templates all look great right out of the gate!
Swycha Refurbished iPhones5 stars
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Optimonk has improved our engagement and conversions tenfold. Customer support is second to none
Prémium Korean Ginseng5 stars
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Our conversion rate has greatly increased. I was able to deliver messages to customers that they hadn’t seen or noticed before.
Caffe Aroma5 stars
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Highly recommend to all Shopify users for better conversions and less abandoned carts!
Dripfashion5 stars
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The best app I have had for days, and it serves all the needed functions!
The Queen of Tarts5 stars
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Great, easy-to-use app that allows me to encourage my customers to place that all-important first order. Extremely helpful customer service as well!
Fuller's Flips5 stars
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I started getting conversions from the first day I installed OptiMonk to reduce abandoned carts!
Topperswap5 stars
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This my favorite pop-up app I've tried! Very clean and user friendly interface and templates. Their customer support was also very quick to respond to any questions I had.
AurayN Telecom5 stars
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Optimonk works, it does the job. Recently I added 1 rating campaign and it works quite well.
Aus Real Estate5 stars
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I've used Privy, Justuno, Poptin and a heap of other pop management apps. OptiMonk is the best out of all of them. The user flows are awesome, the UX/UI is intuitive. Plus they offer a free account.

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