9 Best Ecommerce Podcasts in 2024 (+recommended episodes)

9 Best Ecommerce Podcasts in 2023 (+recommended episodes)

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things when you’re on the go. You can listen to them while driving, cooking, or running errands. And as an online business owner, podcasts might be the only way to find time to digest great content. 

Listening to the right ecommerce podcasts can be one of the best ways to generate new ideas for your store. Especially if it features actionable advice from industry experts. 

That’s why we’re here to help you find the best ecommerce podcasts that’ll keep you entertained and informed throughout 2024. And we’ve even picked out some of the best episodes for you to sample.

Let’s dive right in!

9 ecommerce podcasts you need to listen to as an online store owner

1. The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Host: Austin Brawner

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast is a great podcast that covers a wide breadth of topics that successful ecommerce business owners need to be aware of. Each week ecommerce entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals discuss topics such as digital marketing and the pros and cons of using virtual assistants. 

Who is it for?

The fact that the Ecommerce Influence podcast covers such a wide range of topics, makes it useful for just about anyone in the industry to listen to. That includes beginners!

2. The eCommerceFuel Podcast

Host: Andrew Youderian

The eCommerceFuel Podcast looks into specific ecommerce brands and provides actionable advice and lessons based on their strategies. Looking at how different business strategies work out in practice can give you a deeper understanding of them, as the recommended episode about Breadbrand shows. 

Who is it for?

This podcast gives a general outlook on ecommerce strategies, which most people will find useful. But to get the most out of it, you’ll want to have some familiarity with the ecommerce industry.

3. Ecommerce Coffee Break

Host: Claus Lauter

The Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast was created for Shopify merchants who have only one goal in their minds: maximizing conversions and revenue.

Claus Latner talks to new guests each week while they share actionable advice and strategies on how to run a profitable business on Shopify.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a Shopify store should listen to this podcast as they cover all kinds of topics including Shopify themes, email marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, entrepreneurship, and more.

4. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Host: Steve Chou

The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast takes a more personal approach to the online business space. The host, Steve Chou, has been following his wife’s progress as an ecommerce entrepreneur since she left her job in 2007. It’s an interesting podcast because it gives you a sense of what running an online store is really like, while at the same time getting into the nitty-gritty of practical tips. 

Who is it for?

You should give the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast a listen if you’re considering taking the step of quitting your full-time job to get into ecommerce. It’s great to get a personal take on that big decision.

5. Shopify Masters: The Shopify Podcast

Host: Felix Thea

The Shopify Masters Podcast is all about providing actionable tips that can make a difference to your Shopify store’s bottom line overnight. Each episode takes on a specific problem that online store owners face and then proposes solutions and opportunities for growing your business. For example, our recommended episode looks into how to make the most of social media marketing. 

Who is it for?

Those who are already running an online business will get the most out of Shopify Masters since they can immediately apply what they’ve learned from each episode.

6. 2X eCommerce

Host: Kunle Campbell

The 2X eCommerce podcast has an interesting gimmick for how they pick their guests: each entrepreneur and marketing expert shares their story of how they doubled an online business’ revenue. Kunle Campbell is an experienced and knowledgeable host who reaches for the practical details that lie behind successful ecommerce strategies. 

Who is it for? 

The hosts and guests tend to presume that their listeners have some knowledge of ecommerce already. This means their conversation is high-level and can teach even ecommerce veterans something new, but it might be hard for beginners to follow.

7. eCommerce Fastlane

8. Ecommerce Conversations by Practical Ecommerce

Host: Eric Bandholz

The Ecommerce Conversations podcast is produced and released by Practical Ecommerce, an online ecommerce magazine that’s been running since 2005. (You should give them a read even if you don’t listen to the podcast).

In the weekly ecommerce podcast, Eric Bandholz addresses a wide range of both practical and personal issues that are part of running a profitable online store. Our recommended episode is about direct-to-consumer brands, but others are focused on burnout, motivation, and overcoming challenges.

Who is it for? 

If you want both business and lifestyle advice in one package, then Ecommerce Conversations might be for you.

9. The Fizzle Show

Hosts: Barrett Brooks, Steph Crowder, Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves

The Fizzle Show team has been hosting the show since 2013. The four hosts combine their experience and ask great questions to each guest that they bring on the show. 

They often tackle big topics that can impact how you plan to grow your business in the long run, as they did in the recommended episode about a ‘9-Stage’ roadmap for small businesses. 

Who is it for?

The Frizzle Show is great for just about everyone involved in ecommerce as a result of the practical advice they offer. And the hosts are great at breaking everything down into understandable chunks.

5 reasons you should start listening to an ecommerce podcast

Now that we’ve seen the best ecommerce podcasts, it’s time to spend some time covering the benefits of listening to podcasts.

1. Convenience

You can listen to podcasts anywhere as long as you have a pair of headphones. This means you can integrate listening to ecommerce podcasts right into your daily routine!

2. Experienced guests

The podcasts we’ve recommended all bring on some of the most impressive ecommerce entrepreneurs in the world.

What’s great about tuning into industry experts is the combination of knowledge and experience. These are professionals who have worked in the real world and, as such, can share lessons that go beyond book learning.You can think of them as high-end coaches sharing their $10 000 worth of industry knowledge for free.


3. Encouragement

When you listen to other ecommerce store owners’ stories, you won’t only hear about their successes. We all know the ecommerce industry isn’t always easy. Hearing about people overcoming challenges similar to the ones you’re facing, can provide some much-needed encouragement. 

4. Keeping up-to-date

The world of online business moves fast. Hence, getting into the habit of listening to podcasts can help business owners stay on top of their game with the newest industry trends.

5. They’re free

This point doesn’t need much elaboration: they’re free!

Summing up

Whether you’re interested in brushing up on the latest marketing strategies or getting ready to start your own online store, getting into the habit of listening to an ecommerce podcast or two will help you along the way.

So check out the recommended episode of the podcast you’re most interested in and find out whether it resonates with you!

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