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How Kiss My Keto Decreased Their Cart Abandonment Rate by 20%

How Kiss My Keto Decreased Their Cart Abandonment Rate by 20%

Kiss My Keto is a D2C store dedicated to the keto lifestyle. Their #1 goal is to help inspire more ketogenic health transformations around the globe. Michael Herscu and Alex Bird started Kiss My Keto because they struggled to find good, honest brands that served authentic products for a true Ketogenic diet.

Website: kissmyketo.comFounded: 2016 Industry: Food
19.29%Decrease in cart abandonment 7.17%Increase in ecommerce conversion rate 3,300New email subscribers

Meet Kiss My Keto

The co-founders, Michael and Alex found that very few brands used the correct ingredients or kept in alignment within the necessary macronutrient ratio that specifically defines a proper keto diet. 

After several years and thousands of hours researching the Keto diet, they perfected their recipes until they were happy with the end results: delicious keto foods, snacks, and supplements.

Kiss My Keto


The Kiss My Keto team was interested in boosting their sales and conversions so they turned to OptiMonk.

The Customer Value Optimization (CVO) experts of OptiMonk began digging into Kiss My Keto’s Google Analytics data. And they found multiple opportunities to turn Kiss My Keto’s incoming website traffic into long-term revenue.

The following user segments had to be addressed:

  1. New homepage visitors
  2. Product page abandoners
  3. Cart abandoners
  4. Visitors with active coupon codes 

Let’s take a look at how Kiss My Keto solved these problems! 


There’s no single campaign that can resonate with all user segments. So they created four targeted campaigns, each specifically designed for one problematic segment.

1. Conversational popup for new homepage visitors

New homepage visitors are usually unfamiliar with your website and aren’t sure how to navigate. Having lots of options can leave them feeling indecisive (it’s known as the paradox of choice) and it results in a high bounce rate. 

The main goal of this campaign was to help first-time visitors get started on the website, make them subscribe to the newsletter, and deliver personalized product recommendations. 

How could you accomplish these goals at once? With a conversational popup

The first page of the conversational popup asked visitors a simple question: “What are you looking for?” This helped shoppers move toward the right product. The popup also informed visitors that there was a 10% off discount available.

After answering the first question, visitors moved to the next stage of the conversational popup. Regardless of their answer, all users had to provide their email addresses to get the discount code.

After entering their contact info, visitors moved on to the popup’s last stage. They could see both the coupon code and their personalized product recommendations (which went with their answer from the first page). 

The third page of a Kiss My Keto conversational popup

This campaign was incredibly successful. 

It had a 20.33% conversion rate and gathered 762 new email addresses

Every time the campaign collected a new email address, the contact info automatically synced with Kiss My Keto’s email marketing tool, Klaviyo

Due to OptiMonk’s easy-to-setup integration with Klaviyo, all of Kiss My Keto’s new subscribers immediately received relevant emails.

2. Discount popup for product page abandoners

The second campaign targeted visitors who browsed Kiss My Keto’s product pages but didn’t add items to their cart.

To stop this segment from bouncing without making a purchase, they used a campaign that appeared on exit-intent.

The main goal was to encourage visitors to make a purchase by offering them 15% off. And to make the popup even more relevant, they displayed the product name that the visitor was browsing.

A Kiss My Keto personalized discount popup

The Kiss My Keto team used a multi-step popup and only asked for an email address on the second page. 

A Kiss My Keto personalized discount popup (page 2)

Finally, the third page displayed the coupon code: 

A Kiss My Keto personalized discount popup (page 3)

The team also conducted some A/B testing on the coupon code, trying to optimize the campaign as much as possible. They compared the performance of a fixed coupon code (like “15OFF”) with an automatically generated coupon code that has random characters and a real deadline (3-days for example). 

As expected, the automatically generated coupon code increased visitors’ willingness to redeem the code and place an order. The conversion rate of this variant was 16% higher.

The best-performing version had an 8.67% conversion rate.

3. Save cart abandoners with a limited-time discount

Cart abandoners usually have a very high level of engagement, and they just need a final push to place their orders.

That’s why Kiss My Keto sent abandoning visitors a final 15% off. They also used a countdown timer to increase the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). 

A Kiss My Keto cart abandonment popup

Since the previous campaign proved that automatically generated coupon codes convert better, they used them here as well.

They also enabled OptiMonk’s auto-redeem feature, which automatically applies a customer’s discounts at checkout. This means that nobody will forget to redeem their coupon.

This campaign had a 15.05% conversion rate.

4. Remind visitors of their coupon codes 

When visitors converted on an OptiMonk campaign and received a coupon code, Kiss My Keto displayed a sticky bar that reminded them about their discount.

Whether or not the auto-redeem feature was on, the Kiss My Keto team thought the sticky bar campaign would be useful because it keeps the potential discount at the top of the visitors’ minds. 

A Kiss My Keto sticky bar campaign

They tested the campaign by creating two variants: one that showed up normally and one that would remain hidden. This allowed them to track the actions of both shoppers who saw and didn’t see the campaign.

Those who saw the “Don’t forget your discount code” sticky bar converted at a 19.32% higher rate. Following up with the customers who’ve already converted on one of your campaigns clearly works!


Here are the headline results of Kiss My Keto’s two-month collaboration with OptiMonk:

  1. 7.17% growth in ecommerce conversion rate, compared to the previous year
  2. 19.29% decrease in cart abandonment, compared to the previous year
  3. All popup campaigns generated 3,300 new subscribers 
  4. 848 coupon codes were redeemed, generating $46,762 in extra revenue

Advice from Michael Herscu

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