How to Get The Most of Your Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flow with Klaviyo and OptiMonk

How to Get The Most of Your Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flow with Klaviyo and OptiMonk

Are you running an ecommerce business and facing high rates of abandoned carts? You’re not alone: industry-wide statistics suggest that nearly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned in ecommerce.

The good news is that by using OptiMonk’s Cart Abandonment Popups and Klaviyo’s Abandoned Cart Emails, you can save many of these almost-conversions and ensure that you’re closing as many sales as possible.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to create an abandoned cart flow using OptiMonk and Klaviyo together.

Let’s get started!

What is an abandoned cart flow?

An abandoned cart flow is a system that retargets visitors who have almost made a purchase but decided not to complete the checkout process.

These visitors are “highly aware,” which means that they know about your brand, your products, and they’ve even found specific products they love. Because they’re already at this high level of awareness, campaigns that give these almost-customers a reason to give your products a second look can be incredibly effective

How to create an abandoned cart flow?

There are just two steps to creating a high-converting abandoned cart flow and bringing in extra revenue from sales that would otherwise be lost.

Step 1: Set up an OptiMonk cart abandonment campaign

OptiMonk has dozens of popup templates designed specifically to halt cart abandonment. These campaigns appear on exit-intent for customers who have added one or more items to their cart.

By sensing that your visitor is just about to close the page and appearing at that specific moment, these abandoned cart campaigns allow you to deliver your customers an extra incentive to complete their purchase now.

Here’s a great example of a successful abandoned cart campaign from Kiss My Keto:

Abandoned cart popup example from the Kiss My Keto e-commerce store

You can save a large portion of abandoning traffic with cart abandonment popups like this one.  

In fact, our internal data shows that the average conversion rate of an OptiMonk cart abandonment popup is 17.12%. However, many campaigns perform even better—the Kiss My Keto popup above led to a 19.29% decrease in cart abandonment, while other such campaigns have converted as high as 40%.  

These popups are a valuable part of an abandoned cart flow because the percentage discount gives your visitors a reason to reconsider their decision not to make a purchase, while the countdown element creates a sense of urgency, encouraging them to buy now.

Here are some more abandoned cart templates that many ecommerce brands have used on their websites. You can easily customize these templates to fit the look and feel of your brand.

However, it’s important to remember that your conversion rate is never going to be 100%. Some shoppers will always abandon their carts. That’s where Klaviyo comes in with their abandoned cart email series.

Step 2: Send a follow-up cart abandonment email with Klaviyo

With Klaviyo’s abandoned cart emails, you can follow up with users who didn’t make a purchase after seeing your abandoned cart popup campaign.

If you think of cart abandonment popups as your second chance to make a sale, then an abandoned cart email flow is a way to give yourself a third chance to save abandoning traffic.

Klaviyo’s abandoned cart emails have an open rate of 41.18% and a click-through rate of 9.50%.

That means another big chunk of your missing revenue from abandoning shoppers can be recovered! According to Klaviyo’s numbers, that extra revenue amounts to $5.81 per email, on average.

Here’s an example of what an abandoned cart email from Klaviyo looks like: 

Image Source: Klaviyo

Offering extra incentives (like free shipping) in abandoned cart flow emails can raise your click-through rate and lead to more sales.  

And when you integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo, you can send the exact same personalized coupon codes that appear on OptiMonk popups in your automated emails. The integration allows you to easily send all the contact information that has been collected through OptiMonk popups over to Klaviyo.

Sounds great, how do we do it?

How to integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo?

It takes less than a minute to set up the integration between Klaviyo and OptiMonk. All you have to do is navigate to the “Add Integration” menu…

Step 1 to integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo's abandoned cart flows

… and then select Klaviyo from the list:

Step 2 to integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo's abandoned cart flows

Now, grab your API key from your Klaviyo account and paste it into the proper field in your OptiMonk account:

Step 3 to integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo's abandoned cart flow

Next, you can select which Klaviyo list you’d like your new subscribers to be added to.

To set up your abandoned cart flow, you’ll need to create a specific list in Klaviyo for cart abandoners. Let’s say we name the list “Cart abandoners from OM popup.”

Then, we can fill up the “Field identifier in Klaviyo” section which helps us to automatically send over the unique coupon code associated with a particular email.

Step 4 to integrate OptiMonk and Klaviyo's abandoned cart flow

(You can find more detailed information about the integration process in this support article.)

Why not just use Klaviyo's basic abandoned cart automation?

One particularly important advantage of integrating OptiMonk and Klaviyo is that it increases the number of cart abandoners you can reach.

That’s because Klaviyo’s basic cart abandonment emails only go out to visitors who have proceeded to the checkout page before exiting. But what about visitors who haven’t made it all the way to the checkout page but added some items to their cart?

That’s where OptiMonk’s cart abandonment popups make all the difference: they capture visitors’ contact info using exit-intent technology, allowing you to send emails to them from Klaviyo. Without this integration, that segment of visitors would not receive your Klaviyo cart abandonment emails!


Now you know how to build your own abandoned cart flow by using the capabilities of both OptiMonk and Klaviyo to the fullest. Taking these two simple steps can help you optimize your ecommerce store by recovering cart abandoners.

So why not get started by setting up whichever account you don’t have? And—if you’ve already got both OptiMonk and Klaviyo—what are you waiting for?