16 Klaviyo Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

16 Klaviyo Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

Are you looking for ways to improve your email marketing strategy using Klaviyo? Whether you’re working on a new startup or advancing an established ecommerce brand, expert advice is exactly what you need to grow your business. 

The list below includes 16 Klaviyo experts you can follow right now to turn your email marketing strategy from good to great.

1. Kaleigh Moore


Writer and marketer Kaleigh Moore shares her tips on how to improve the language you use in your emails. 

Starting with effective subject lines, she’ll walk you through the process for creating powerful emails. Combining the personalization capacity of Klaviyo and compelling writing, you can do wonders for your email marketing efforts.

2. Alex McPeak


Alex McPeak is a content strategist at Klaviyo. She shares guides on how to boost your brand’s growth with powerful content. After all, effective writing is key!

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3. Val Geisler


Are you seeking ways to build better connections with your customers? Check out Val Geisler’s blog, where she shares her insights on how to do exactly that. 

Val is a strong believer in personalized communication with customers, which you can achieve by understanding how they interact with your brand.

4. Sean | Email Marketing & Klaviyo for Ecommerce


Sean shares dozens of interesting strategies on how to personalize your email marketing and drive more sales. He calls himself an “email marketing maniac.” Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate about their job!

Follow Sean to learn more about customer behavior and retention, and to get a boost of inspiration for your Klaviyo email strategy whenever you need it.

5. Klaviyo


Klaviyo’s official Twitter account is another useful source for your business. Here, you’ll find quick tips and bite-sized tutorials on different areas of online marketing. 

Klaviyo experts will walk you through the key features of the platform and help you make the most of your email marketing. This account is definitely worth following for first-hand advice directly from Klaviyo’s specialists. 

6. Tracey Wallace


Tracey’s Twitter is a gold mine for startups. She’ll teach you how to capture customer browsing behavior and use it to build a strong backbone for your business.

Tracey stresses the importance of a complex approach. You’ll learn how to make your marketing approach work through strategic planning, project management, and writing. 

7. Dan Goldstein


How can you properly align SMS and email? What’s the best way to create an effective communication channel with customers? What’s the quickest way to build a healthy email list? How can you reap the benefits of Web3?

Dan answers these and many other questions on his Twitter page. Follow him to get valuable tips directly to your feed.

8. Jacob Sappington


Jacob offers advice on how to engage clients with inviting, personalized emails. He analyzes real-life examples to show what works and what doesn’t, helping you improve communication with your customers.

You can also subscribe to his newsletter Email Isn’t Dead to get regular updates on email marketing. 

9. Ethan Feldman | Klaviyo Email Marketing


Ethan is an email marketing guru. He uses his experience in ecommerce to show other businesses how to grow their revenue.

If you want to know how to enhance your emails with relatable stories or revive dying products, you should add Ethan’s blog to your feed. 

10. Monica Grohne


Monica Grohne is a Klaviyo partner who helps businesses use email marketing and email automation to the fullest. She shares actionable tips on how to develop an organic strategy and engaging campaigns.

Plus, Monica has built a community around her page where she encourages discussions, enabling you to share your thoughts and learn from Klaviyo experts. 

11. Jenny Dearborn


Jenny Dearborn works as Chief People Officer at Klaviyo. She specializes in HR and talent leadership reinforced by data.

Follow her for a collection of useful resources on technology, marketing, and soft skills. Jenny’s perspective is always people-focused, following Klaviyo’s commitment to “put our people first, always.”

12. Jake Cohen


If you’re interested in product marketing, you’ll want to check out Jake Cohen’s tweets.

He’s a Klaviyo expert, and he offers useful insights and tutorials on email marketing. Jake addresses the struggles small businesses face and explains how to build and market products in a way that brings value to people.

13. Santiago Cruz | Email & SMS Marketing King


Santiago Cruz’s blog is a great place to get professional advice on everything about email and SMS marketing.

Santiago even has a free guide for businesses that explains how to make your brand more profitable, maximize CLTV, optimize consistency, and much more. Plus, he offers daily marketing hacks and tricks!

14. Steph’s Email Studio | Email Design & Development


Some people don’t know this, but Klaviyo has a huge collection of templates. These are ready-made tools for forms, reminders, newsletters, and more.

Follow Steph’s Email Studio to learn how to customize these templates to serve your email marketing needs. Steph also explains how to make your emails more interactive through good design and development. 

15. Joseph | Lifecycle Marketing


Joseph is a Klaviyo expert who specializes in ecommerce and lifecycle marketing. Check out his page to learn how to make your messaging more clear and thus more relatable for your customers.

Joseph also provides lists of useful resources to help you uncover the secrets of online marketing.

16. Lexie Bennett


Lexie Bennett is a Klaviyo email freelancer. She seeks to address the “dos and don’ts” of email marketing.

Her blog is a good place to learn how to make your emails more authentic, write with purpose, and (of course!) make your customers happy. Lexie also shares examples of copy you can learn from and use as inspiration for your messages to customers. 


By learning from Klaviyo experts, you can improve your entire marketing process—from welcome messages and updates to newsletters and email automation campaigns.

Learning from industry professionals is one of the best ways to get practical tips to grow your business and increase revenue. 

What are your personal favorite blogs about Klaviyo? Let us know in the comment section below, and let’s discover useful Klaviyo resources together!

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