How The Turmeric Co. Collected 10,000+ New Email Addresses?

How The Turmeric Co. Collected 10,000+ New Email Addresses?

The Turmeric Co. sells 100% natural turmeric shots directly to consumers. The brand’s flagship product, the “Original Raw Turmeric Shot,” was designed to give people a healthy energy boost when they need it, without the hassle.

Website: theturmeric.coFounded: 2018 Industry: Food
10,650New email addresses collected $100,000+Revenue contributed

Meet The Turmeric Co.

Having launched as an ecommerce site, The Tumeric Co. continues to run a successful online store while also selling its products on the shelves of Whole Foods, Planet Organic, and David Lloyd Clubs.

Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, founder of The Turmeric Co., studied the health benefits of turmeric root for years and found a method of harnessing the power of this raw ingredient without sacrificing any nutritional value.

The core of their formula is fresh, raw turmeric root, carefully extracted so that its nutrients remain in a “bio-available” form. They also add raw piperine extract and Flax Oil to ensure maximum absorption of this valuable natural ingredient.

The Tumeric Co. Product


Before working with OptiMonk, The Turmeric Co. website didn’t have a system in place to target potential customers who were showing exit intent. That meant the company was losing a big portion of its website visitors without making a final attempt to re-engage them.

When The Turmeric Co. analyzed their homepage bounce rate, it confirmed that exit-intent functionality was missing from their website. With it, they could improve the efficiency of their customer journey at a crucial point by boosting the conversion rate of traffic landing on-site.

“We felt that optimizing our website was the next natural step to increasing our acquisition rate,” said Robson-Kanu. “By linking up with OptiMonk, we have been able to enrich our online consumer experience in a manner that has dynamically contributed to our business growth.”


Let’s look at two campaigns that The Turmeric Co. used to decrease their cart abandonment rate and grow their email list. 

1. Cart abandonment campaigns based on the cart value 

Cart abandonment is a challenge that all ecommerce businesses face. You really feel the lost revenue when a potential customer who’s been through almost the entire sales funnel decides to leave unpurchased items in their cart.

The good news is that in many cases, these potential customers simply need a final push to complete their orders. 

An exit-intent popup, which appears when a user’s on-site behavior indicates they are about to leave the site, is the perfect way to retarget this highly-engaged segment. 

The Turmeric Co. decided to divide cart abandoners into two groups based on the value of items in their cart. This would allow them to present different discount offers based on how much money each abandoning customer would spend if they proceeded to checkout.

1.1. 20% off for higher-value cart abandoners

Customers with products totaling over £79 in their cart were shown an exit-intent popup that offered them 20% off in exchange for their contact details.

20% off is a relatively large discount, giving these customers with high cart values a big incentive to complete their purchase.

To increase the sense of urgency, they used a prominent countdown clock to make it clear that the offer was only available for the next 15 minutes. The pressure of a ticking clock motivates visitors to buy now rather than later.

An Exit-Intent Cart Abandonment Popup from The Turmeric Co.

The popup was only displayed to new visitors, ensuring that returning customers didn’t get the discount.

This campaign had a 28.76% conversion rate. And even the portion of cart abandoners that didn’t ultimately end up completing their purchase still subscribed to the email list after engaging with the popup, giving The Turmeric Co. a chance to nurture the relationship.  

1.2. 10% off for lower value cart abandoners

The second version of this popup displayed a 10% discount (in exchange for contact details) to exiting users who had a cart value between £25 and £79. Again, the discount was only available for 15 minutes.

This version of the campaign had a 21.40% conversion rate

2. Promote a recipe book to grow their email list 

The company has an amazing blog called The Root, where they share articles about lifestyle, wellbeing, mental health, and more. 

Blog readers are a segment of users with a much lower level of engagement and awareness than cart abandoners. For this segment, The Turmeric Co. needed to use a different type of campaign.

They chose to use a banner at the top of their blog to promote a recipe book focused on—you guessed it—turmeric. Here’s what it looked like:

The entire banner was an on-click trigger for an OptiMonk popup. When visitors clicked the “Download Now” button, the following message appeared:

A list-building popup from The Turmeric Co.

By providing their email addresses, visitors would get the recipe book delivered to their inbox for free. By using OptiMonk’s integration with Klaviyo’s email marketing software, The Turmeric Co.’s recipe book was automatically sent after each subscription. 

This campaign had a 62.37% conversion rate, leading to 416 new subscribers.


In 2 years of working with OptiMonk, The Turmeric Co. saw some amazing results. Here are some of the numbers that resulted from OptiMonk popup campaigns:

  1. 10,650 new email addresses collected
  2. Contributed $100,000+ revenue in just over 2 years

Advice from Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu

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