17.4% Conversion Rate Boost: How Residence Supply Optimized Product Pages for Success

Residence Supply case study

Well-crafted product pages can turn browsers into buyers. Leading home decor store Residence Supply recognized this, and set out to boost revenue with smarter product pages. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how they did it!

Website: residencesupply.com Industry: Home & décor

Meet Residence Supply

Residence Supply is a leading provider of timeless lighting and décor, from elegant chandeliers to statement table lamps. 

Their products have been featured in multiple publications alongside exclusive real estate listings, solidifying their position at the forefront of lighting design.

The challenge

Residence Supply recognized the critical role product pages play in converting website visitors into customers. 

With a high volume of traffic reaching these pages through ad campaigns, optimizing each page was crucial for maximizing their sales. 

However, manually optimizing hundreds of product pages presented a significant time and resource challenge.

The solution

The good news? At OptiMonk, we had the perfect solution: our Smart Product Page Optimizer.

This tool streamlined everything: it automatically generated captivating descriptions for each of Residence Supply’s product pages, then used A/B testing to see which versions resonated best with visitors. This eliminated the manual work and resource drain!

Let’s see the difference…

Here’s what a typical Residence Supply product page looked like before:

Residence Supply's original product page

Now, take a look at their upgraded page with the compelling new description:

Thanks to the Smart Product Page Optimizer, these descriptions were created and added to all their product pages automatically in just a few minutes. It was that easy! 

The results

The impact of this seemingly small change was significant. Residence Supply achieved a 17.4% increase in conversion rate and a 3.1% increase in revenue, demonstrating the power of effective product page optimization.  

This shows that sometimes, the simplest solutions can have the best outcome. If you want to achieve similar results, find out more about Smart Product Page Optimizer now!

Smart product page optimizer

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