11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Making a good first impression, whether on a first date or at a business meeting, is an endeavor with tons of moving parts. You want to care, but not too much. You want to be interesting, but there’s nothing worse than someone trying to be interesting.

It’s a head-spinning social balancing act that’s, in essence, no different from crafting welcome messages for your new email subscribers.

Your welcome email is the first step to having a lucrative, open line of communication with customers—as long as it’s done right. 

We’ll take a look at 11 great welcome email examples that succeed at both motivating the first purchase and building the foundation for a long relationship. 

But first, we’ll go over the basics of welcome emails.

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What is a welcome email?

A welcome email is the first communication you send to someone who willingly signed up for your email marketing newsletter. 

Welcome emails serve as a confirmation message to those new subscribers. But they should also introduce your brand and products—while setting the stage for future emails.

The content of a welcome email varies with different ecommerce businesses (as you’ll see in our welcome email examples). 

Just about all of them feature a warm greeting and other common elements which include a discount code, helpful resources, and/or the company’s brand story.

What makes a good welcome email?

Sending a warm welcome is all well and good, but it needs to hit all the right notes to be truly effective.

Here, we’ll go over some welcome email best practices that will help consumers feel rewarded for handing over their contact information. Let’s see! 

1. A personal touch

Welcome emails should make new subscribers feel like the email was written just for them. You can accomplish this with a personalized greeting or through familiar language and tone.

In fact, if you use someone’s name in the subject line of your welcome email, they’re 26% more likely to actually open it.

The more personal data you gather from the signup form, the more you can personalize their experience. Some signup forms just ask for an email, but others have fields for name, age, and gender preference.

OptiMonk has several popups that can help you grow your email list and collect personalized data. 

2. Consistency

Remember that your welcome email is just the first email you’ll send to users in your email sequence. 

So you need to think about how all the elements of the welcome email set up the rest of your email marketing strategy.

Many ecommerce businesses actually use a welcome series of emails. The first email might just be a hello, the second one could offer relevant information about the store, and the third usually contains a discount code.

3. A story

Even though new and potential customers sign up for your newsletter, it doesn’t always mean that they have a full understanding of your brand.

Happily, a welcome email is the perfect place to tell your brand’s story. 

In addition, the way you define your brand identity in your welcome email should make your store’s unique selling proposition clear. 

4. Value

When someone signs up for an email marketing newsletter, they want to get something out of it right from the start. 

That means your welcome email should deliver something valuable to your new subscribers. Otherwise, they will think that these emails will just clog up their inbox and might even unsubscribe.

The most common way to offer value in a welcome email is to include a discount code for new customers. 

Many companies use discounts as an incentive to entice people to sign up for their list.

However, some companies offer valuable information in their welcome email, whether that takes the form of free guides or blog posts that were originally published on their website.

7 tips on writing welcome emails

We’ve collected 7 tips on how to write your welcome emails. They can also be applied to all your marketing emails, but using them for welcome emails is of paramount importance.

Pro tip #1: Don’t phone in your email subject lines 

An email subject line is the first part of your email that people will see. It has a huge effect on whether or not subscribers will open the email. 

If you have a bland subject line like, “Welcome New Customer,” all of the great work you’ve done in the email body—won’t be effective.

On the other hand, a unique subject line makes people want to open the welcome email right away and see what’s inside.

best welcome emails 01 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work
best welcome emails 02 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Pro tip #2: Use colorful language

Throughout the entire welcome email, from subject line to farewell, a good copy should feature fun and approachable language. 

You shouldn’t be engaging with new subscribers in a formal manner. This could feel cold and offsetting for the recipient. Instead, treat your welcome email as the first step in your new friendship.

Pro tip #3: Include eye-catching images

Text is important, but it would be a mistake to send a welcome email with just words. Images can be just as effective in accomplishing the goals of welcome emails. 

For example, a well-chosen photo can help people come to an understanding of exactly what your online store is all about.

Email templates usually include many slots for images, so make sure to use them.

Pro tip #4: Great design on both mobile and desktop

Keep in mind that welcome messages will likely be viewed on both desktop computers and smartphones. This means that it’s important to design your welcome email for both devices.

If someone viewing your welcome email has to zoom and pan all over the place, you aren’t off to a great start.

Pro tip #5: Send the email immediately

Research has shown that 74% of people expect the welcome email to arrive immediately after they subscribe. 

It’s particularly important to send your welcome emails quickly when they contain a discount code. Shoppers might already have a purchase in mind that they want to use the code for.

Pro tip #6: Choose your welcome email template carefully

You can find welcome email templates from many websites and email marketing providers. Free templates will often get the job done, but some online stores might want to spring for a custom welcome email template.

Whichever one you choose, make sure the template resonates with both your welcome message and your brand.

Pro tip #7: Keep it short

Nobody wants to spend 15 (or even 5) minutes reading the first email of your welcome series. Keeping it short shows respect for your customer’s time.

Benefits of welcome emails in ecommerce

An online store can expect to gain several benefits from sending out a great welcome email. New subscribers are happy to engage with your brand because they’re looking forward to getting a welcome email.

Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate—according to data from 2018. It’s 42% higher than the average email (any email that’s not a welcome email) from an online store.

The fact that you can expect the vast majority of new subscribers to open your email gives you a great opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and unique selling point. When you take advantage of that sustained attention, consumers will see reasons to engage with your brand.

In the long run, welcome emails generate 33% more brand engagement than other types of email marketing. 

They also have very high click-through rates. And that leads to perhaps the most telling of all welcome email statistics: they generate 320% more revenue than other types of email.

The 11 best welcome emails we found

Here’s our list of the best welcome email examples we’ve come across. We hope you can find some inspiration that gets you started on your own welcome email.

We’ve also asked some email marketing experts to give us their opinions on these email examples. Read their advice below. 


best welcome emails 03 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

This welcome email example from LARQ perfectly illustrates the power of an image to define a brand. The photograph of a jet black bottle being covered by a wave establishes the brand as adventurous, outdoorsy, yet still stylish.

It also shows new subscribers what they can expect to see in the future.

2. Rituals

best welcome emails 04 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Rituals’ welcome email is a great example of conveying tons of information with relatively little text. 

After introducing some of the benefits of being a subscriber, they use a list with icons to explain their membership.

3. Curology

best welcome emails 05 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Curology’s beautiful welcome email is all about using color and design. They wanted to bring a calm spa experience to their reader.

It’s evident that email design can help sell products through emotion.

4. Gymshark

best welcome emails 06 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Gymshark uses a simple design that makes clicking their “Explore” call-to-action seem like the natural next step. Getting people to landing pages is a great outcome for a welcome email.

best welcome emails 07 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

When the reader scrolls further down, this welcome email example pairs engaging photographs with previews of what’s to come.

5. Hush Puppies

best welcome emails 08 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Hush Puppies’ welcome email is a prime example of how to use a good email design to get consumers to focus on what’s important. 

The two take-home messages are “Welcome” and “20% Off,” which are made clear by the large and distinctive font.

The photo centered on just the shoes is another nice touch—Hush Puppies are slippers, what more do they need to show?

Expert opinion

I love how playful the copy is! That makes it super memorable (since when did you last see a famous shoe brand make a joke like this)? The light humor helps reinforce the brand’s mission statement of “making the world a brighter place.” The CTAs are also very, very clear so that readers know exactly what they should do next.

Eden Bidani, Conversion Copywriter at Green Light Copy

6. Urban Outfitters

best welcome emails 09 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Urban Outfitters’ unique email design is not something you often find in your inbox. 

There’s a great flow from how they welcome new subscribers to highlighting the benefits, and finally—promoting their app. 

7. Lunya

best welcome emails 10 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

This welcome email example from Lunya succeeds at communicating a few different messages simultaneously. 

The greatest emphasis is on their $20 off deal, but the company makes sure to include other information as well—like. product recommendations or the option to sign up for texts.

Expert opinion

I like this email copy from top to bottom. $20 might not mean much, but the creative headline is enticing and will drive me to click the CTA. Once I scroll to the email footer, I'll certainly sign-up to receive texts from Lunya. Why? The headline. The $20 off my first order makes me believe jucier deals will come my way. Who doesn't want more goodies?

Precious Oboidhe, SEO content writer and copywriter at Content Estate

8. Michaels

best welcome emails 11 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Michaels welcome email is exceedingly friendly and shows the excitement they feel about new subscribers. A few heart emojis can go a long way.

They also let you know what you can expect in your inbox in an easy-to-digest way.

Expert opinion

I like this email, but not as much as Lunya's email. Copy must be "specific." Exclusive email-only coupons & offers (up to $100)" is different from "Exclusive email-only coupons & offers." While the "coupons" are in the navigation bar, there's a chance I could miss it. And since I can't find what earns my click (specific amount of money), I'll likely bounce. Aside from this, I like the email design. It's catchy.

Precious Oboidhe, SEO content writer and copywriter at Content Estate

9. Happy Box

best welcome emails 12 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Check out how active this welcome email from Happy Box is. It invites the subscriber to “build a box” while making it seem like a fun and rewarding activity with the large image. 

It also gives you an extra incentive with their $3 off coupon code right at the top of the email. 

Expert opinion

I like this email because the copy is excellent. It portrays the ease of building and ordering a box. However, a CTA below the headline would be ideal for conversions.

Precious Oboidhe, SEO content writer and copywriter at Content Estate

10. Taylor Stitch

best welcome emails 13 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

Taylor Stitch knows how to make a welcome email stand out. Here, everything stems from an exceptional photograph that reinforces the “Welcome to the Family” message. 

It really seems like you’re out on that sailboat with a well-dressed relative taking a photo of you.

Expert opinion

The image used here to welcome the reader is really vivid and powerful. And as it’s directed at the reader, it encourages you to focus on the email, pulling you into the rest of the content really quickly. The CTA text here is also very playful—like it’s inviting the reader on a journey and not just pushing them to make a purchase right now.

Eden Bidani, Conversion Copywriter at Green Light Copy

11. Lush

best welcome emails 14 - 11 Best Welcome Emails We Found and Why They Work

New subscribers are usually not that familiar with your brand yet, and they’re not sure which products are the best.

Lush’s welcome email does a great job of suggesting where to get started. 

Expert opinion

This email welcomes new subscribers and briefly explains the benefits of the subscription. It also provides guidance to different product categories for different occasions. It’s a good example of balancing out text, which is brief and to the point, and images that support it. CTAs are also clear and in the right place.

Karolis Civinskas, Partnerships Manager at Firepush

Summing up

Welcome emails can take several different approaches to introduce your brand to your new email subscribers. Some of them just say hi and others recommend products—but all of them try to cultivate positive emotions for the recipient (namely feeling welcomed and valued).

As you’re creating welcome emails for your online store, try to stay authentic to your image, and what’s unique about your brand will come across.

We hope these 11 examples and expert tips will inspire your own welcome emails. Let us know what changes you made and how your A/B tests turned out in the comments below!

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