A Product Page Optimization Strategy That Helped Two Shopify Plus Stores Grow Their Sales By 26%

A Product Page Optimization Strategy That Helped Two Shopify Plus Stores Grow Their Sales By 26%

There’s a question that echoes through the minds of most digital entrepreneurs: how can I increase my Shopify store’s revenue without increasing marketing spend? 

If you’re one of those ecommerce store owners or marketers, and you’re looking for an affordable growth hack that you can implement fast, then you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll show you an easy-to-copy method that helped two international Shopify stores increase their revenue by an average of 26%.

The opportunity

Product detail pages often don’t get the attention they deserve, even though they have huge potential as they receive the chief portion of an ecommerce website’s traffic. 

What’s more, a significant majority of website visitors bypass the homepage entirely, arriving directly on the product pages from ads.

Still, there’s a valid reason behind neglecting these pages: product page optimization can be a big challenge simply because there are so many of them.

Marketers are usually turning to A/B testing tools to optimize their landing pages. However, when it comes to experimenting not with the structure, but with the content (headlines, subheadlines, and other copy) of product pages at scale, these classic tools fall short. 

They lack the capabilities required to edit copy or add new copy on dozens or hundreds of product pages at the same time for maximum impact.

Moreover, creating new headlines or other copy for a multitude of products solely for testing purposes requires a lot of time and expense. And small businesses simply don’t have that kind of resources. 

The solution

Thanks to the rapid advancement of AI, new innovations have emerged that can revolutionize product page optimization. One of these innovations is called the Smart Product Page Optimizer.

Powered by AI, this tool creates compelling headlines, captivating descriptions, and persuasive benefit lists, then automatically runs A/B tests to create the ideal product page. And it can do this for thousands of product pages at the same time: a feat that was inconceivable not too long ago.

Imagine having the ability to tailor each product page to perfection, optimizing its content to resonate with your target audience, and doing it quickly and at scale. 

It’s the kind of efficiency that can elevate your ecommerce game to unprecedented heights.

Varnish & Vine and SolaGarden are two international Shopify Plus brands that faced these issues when it came to product page optimization, and they used the Smart Product Page Optimizer to increase revenue. Let’s see exactly how they did it! 

How Varnish & Vine increased revenue by 43%

Varnish & Vine is a US-based ecommerce store specializing in selling premium cactuses and tropical plants. They have more than 70 product pages, which made it difficult for them to make any changes. 

The Varnish & Vine team had been using the product names as the main headline and didn’t really offer any other useful information in the above-the-fold section. So they decided to add new headlines and benefit lists to their product pages. 

They told the Smart Product Page Optimizer what they wanted to change, and based on this information, the tool analyzed Varnish & Vine’s product pages and crafted captivating headlines, subheadlines, and lists of benefits for each product page automatically. 

These additions were designed to resonate with the target audience and supercharge conversions.

After that, the tool started running A/B tests automatically. This way, the Varnish & Vine team was able to compare the results of the AI-tailored product pages with the non-optimized product pages.

Based on the A/B tests, they saw that the AI-optimized product pages resulted in a 12% increase in orders and an impressive 43% increase in revenue

Thanks to the Smart Product Page Optimizer, they turned solid product pages that were converting at an average rate into high-converting sales platforms—without any hassle. 

How SolaGarden increased revenue by 10.9%

SolaGarden is an Australian ecommerce store that sells solar garden lights. They’ve helped over 55,000 Aussies add that wow factor to their garden, and they support organizations leading the fight against climate change.

They faced the same issue as Varnish & Vine, but they were hesitant about the Smart Product Page Optimizer since their product pages were already quite packed with information and benefits. 

But as it turned out, there was still room for improvement.

After analyzing the product pages, they decided to add the following elements to their product pages with just a few clicks: 

  • A one sentence slogan for each product 
  • A one sentence summary of each product’s benefits
  • A concise, benefit-driven product description
  • A positive customer testimonial 

With these new elements in place, automated A/B tests were set in motion. 

As the data poured in, the growth in conversions and revenue was undeniable. SolaGarden witnessed a 5.3% increase in orders and a 10.9% increase in overall revenue.

Wrapping up

As you can see, product page optimization presents a lot of hidden potential. Until now, technical challenges made it hard to optimize product pages, and A/B tests usually focused on UI and structural changes only.

Recent advances in AI technology have opened up new possibilities for optimizing your product pages. Now, you can play around with different types of texts, headlines, and descriptions… all without needing to hire a content creator army.

Smart Product Page Optimizer makes the optimization of product pages simple by fully automating the optimization process with AI, allowing you to effortlessly improve the content on hundreds of product pages at once.

If you want to try it out, sign up for early access here

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