How Mounteen Increased Its Revenue By 18% With AI-Powered Mass Product Page Optimization

How Mounteen Increased Its Revenue By 18% With AI-Powered Mass Product Page Optimization

Mounteen is an ecommerce store selling a wide range of merchandise, from home & garden to travel & personal care. In this case study, you'll discover the highly effective product page optimization strategy Mounteen used to generate an impressive 18% increase in revenue.

Website: mounteen.comFounded: 2018 Industry: Retail

Meet Mounteen

Mounteen, founded in 2018, is a versatile online store that offers a diverse and captivating array of products. With a commitment to delivering affordability without compromising on quality, Mounteen has been on a mission to enhance the lives of its customers by providing access to exciting, inspiring products. 

Mounteen website

The challenge

According to statistics, 87% of customers believe that product content is the most critical factor when deciding to make a purchase online. This underlines the undeniable importance of having well-optimized product pages.

Mounteen’s product pages needed to serve as digital storefront windows, providing enticing reasons for new visitors to choose their products in a sea of competitive ecommerce options. 

At the heart of this challenge lay the all-important headline, which had to be more than just informative—it needed to be utterly captivating, persuasive, and resonate with consumers in a matter of seconds.

But let’s be honest. Optimizing product pages can be a real hassle, especially if you’re juggling dozens or even hundreds of products in your inventory (like Mounteen). 

To make matters more complex, traditional A/B testing tools, while useful for experimentation, have limitations when it comes to headline variations. Adjusting these critical elements across numerous product pages simultaneously was really hard to achieve. 

These tools lack the functionalities needed to seamlessly modify or introduce new content en masse. 

This challenge was the catalyst for Mounteen’s quest to find an innovative solution to enhance their product pages and, consequently, boost their revenue.

The solution

Luckily, Mounteen discovered that in an era of rapid AI advancements, there was a game-changing innovation on the horizon: the Smart Product Page Optimizer.

Fueled by cutting-edge AI technology, this tool empowers businesses like Mounteen to automatically generate and add new content for all of their product pages at once—with just a few clicks.

Here’s how Mounteen optimized their product pages with the Smart Product Page Optimizer:

  1. They added a bold, catchy slogan at the top of each product page to grab visitors’ attention.
  2. They added a clear, benefit-driven subheadline below the slogan to showcase the value proposition.
  3. They highlighted the main product benefits with a bulleted list in the above-the-fold section so visitors could instantly see how the product addresses their challenges or enriches their lives.
Mounteen product page optimization

The results

By embracing the Smart Product Page Optimizer and leveraging the power of AI to transform all their product pages at once, Mounteen was able to achieve an impressive 18% revenue boost.

Their success story showcases the potential for AI to revolutionize ecommerce by enhancing the customer experience and, in turn, delivering substantial business growth.

Mounteen results
Smart Product Page Optimizer

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