Over half a million HUF extra revenue thanks to Customer Value Optimization

Over half a million HUF extra revenue thanks to a better Onsite Journey
Over half a million HUF extra revenue thanks to a better Onsite Journey
Natural Vital webshop

Natural Vital is an ecommerce store selling gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and dietary products. They increased their revenues by over half a million HUF just in 26 days, while their conversion rate also increased significantly.


Cart abandonment is a common problem every e-merchant has to face. We can’t eliminate it completely, but the cart abandonment rate can be reduced greatly by using Customer Value Optimization and some well-defined, personalized, segmented messages.

With the help of OptiMonk and applying the customer-centric methodology of Customer Value Optimization, Natural Vital managed to increase its revenue spectacularly: they achieved 516,906 HUF revenue growth in just 26 days, and increased their conversion rate by 29%.



yearly revenue growth 
is expected based on 4 weeks of testing and summarizing the results
of the campaigns. 


growth in the conversion rate thanks to the discounts and the personalized product recommendations.

516 907

HUF extra revenue during the 26 days test period thanks to personalized offers and campaigns aiming to help users decide.

"We've got so many valuable things: we learned a lot, and the OptiMonk team made an enormous contribution to our web store. Thank you very much!"

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Cart abandonment is a common and important problem for almost every ecommerce store, as we can lose a lot of revenue if we don’t try our best to prevent it. Natural Vital’s cart abandonment rate is almost 80%, well above the average of 69-70%.

Another major problem of Natural Vital’s online store is that the rate of returning customers is extremely low. According to Conversific, Natural Vital’s revenue from returning customers is only 27%, compared to the industry average of 54%.

The owners of Natural Vital realized that to improve these two metrics, they need a complete change of mindset. Thus, they embarked on the journey of Customer Value Optimization with OptiMonk and began to focus on communicating more to returning visitors and helping customers make decisions.


1. Decrease cart abandonment by providing gifts

We could assume that if a visitor has already put a product in his cart, it is a done deal already. Unfortunately, this is not true. A surprisingly high percentage of visitors leave their well-stacked online shopping carts behind.

There are many reasons for cart abandonment. Someone may have disturbed the users during the purchase. They may have encountered unexpected shipping costs at the last minute. Or maybe they simply found a better deal on another website.

To stop these cart abandoning visitors, and to and turn them back, the team of Natural Vital set up a message appearing on exit-intent. It offered an instant gift for the visitors if they complete their purchase within ten minutes. In this case, this gift was a zucchini spaghetti maker that was very popular with shoppers.

This popup offering a gift achieved a conversion rate of 31.42% among those who saw the message, and it brought in 226,498 HUF extra revenue for Natural Vital during the 26-day test period.

An exit-intent popup aiming to decrease cart abandonment, appearing if cart value is over 10,000 HUF.

2. Encourage returning visitors to shop with relevant product recommendations

Natural Vital found it important to pay more attention to returning visitors, so a personalized message was set up for them to provide a better customer experience.

Their solution was the following: when returning visitors arrived on the page, a message appeared for them after eight seconds, saying “It’s nice to have you back!”. 

Natural Vital also showed the visitor’s most recently viewed product, which can be easily set up with OptiMonk’s dynamic product recommendation function.

Popup appearing for returning visitors who have not purchased anything before on the website.

Like all Natural Vital campaigns, this popup was also included in a 26-day test period. 50% of returning visitors encountered the message, while the other half did not. The test results speak for themselves: thanks to this single campaign, Natural Vital managed to increase its revenue by 95,770 HUF.

3. Help new visitors choose on the Home Page

Helping new visitors is extremely important, especially for online stores with a large selection of products, as lack of help can be one of the main reasons for low shopping rates.

To overcome this challenge, Natural Vital introduced a Dietary Quick Test to help visitors navigate between different products and product categories. This message was just like a virtual assistant. It asked visitors a few simple questions and then redirected them to a category page based on their answers.

The new visitors who encountered this message spent a total of 415,407 HUF, which is 87,987 HUF more than the purchase of customers who did not meet the quick test.

The Dietary Quick Test is a sidemessage appearing
for new visitors on the
home page after 15 seconds.

4. Increase the number of subscribers with free ebooks

The Natural Vital team also pays attention to publishing useful content. However, the bounce rate on these pages was very high. One of the most effective ways to reach visitors who are not ready to buy yet, but are browsing such content, is to recommend a free ebook in exchange for a newsletter subscription.

Natural Vital created an article about the “Top 7 Myths About Gluten-Free Eating”. It not only helped them gain a lot of new subscribers but also increased their revenue. After all, the visitors who downloaded the ebook spent 259,531 HUF more than those who did not meet the message at all.

Popup promoting a free ebook, appearing on exit-intent for visitors who did not put anything in their carts yet.

5. Increase the conversion rate by offering a discount

Most of the new visitors arriving at the website are very price sensitive. This is also well demonstrated by the fact that many come from webpages that compare prices for given products. In order to convince them to purchase, Natural Vital offered a 500 HUF discount in exchange for signing up to the newsletter list.

The success of the campaign is above question, as those who came across this message spent more than a million HUFs in the store in 26 days. This is nearly 400,000 HUF more than the spending of visitors who did not meet the message.

Increase the conversion rate by offering a discount

Sidemessage offering a discount, appearing after 15 seconds for visitors who did not purchase anything before, and their carts are still empty, although they visited more than three pages on the website.

Lessons Learned

The story of Natural Vital shows why Customer Value Optimization is important. By segmenting visitors and displaying the right messages, Natural Vital managed to increase revenue dramatically.

They achieved a revenue increase of more than half a million forints just in 26 days, and they also increased the conversion rate by 29%. To sum it up, the results of the new solutions introduced over the four-week test period are expected to generate a nearly 22% annual revenue growth if the campaigns continue to perform at this level.

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