How Sapsan Sklep Increased Revenue by 16% Through Product Page Optimization

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Though optimizing your product pages at scale might seem daunting, it's a challenge that can be overcome. Learn how Sapsan-Sklep tackled this hurdle and increased their revenue by 16%.

Website: Industry: Cybersec & military

Meet Sapsan Sklep

Sapsan Sklep is a Polish ecommerce store that specializes in providing high-quality equipment for penetration and security tests. 

They offer a wide range of products such as network cards, USB devices, and security keys. 

Additionally, as an official partner of Yubico, they ensure customers receive genuine and reliable items.

The challenge

Your home page isn’t always the entry point to your ecommerce site. Today, visitors often arrive directly to your product pages from ads.

And that’s exactly why Sapsan Sklep realized they had to optimize their product pages to increase orders. However, they faced a significant challenge: they had over a thousand product pages. 

This meant an immense workload, as updating each page manually would take a significant amount of time. 

The solution

When Sapsan Sklep realized how resource-intensive manual optimization would be, they sought an efficient solution.

They turned to OptiMonk and its Smart Product Page Optimizer, an AI-powered conversion rate optimization tool specifically focused on product pages.

The Smart Product Page Optimizer assisted Sapsan Sklep in automatically improving the above-the-fold section of each product page. 

With this tool, they added: 

  • a catchy and memorable slogan encapsulating the essence of the product,

  • a benefit-driven subheadline highlighting the value proposition and key benefits, 

  • and a bullet point list focusing on the most compelling features and benefits

…to over a thousand product pages, in just a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at how their Alfa Wi-Fi adapter product page appeared before using the Smart Product Page Optimizer…

Wi-fi adapter without optimization

…and how it looked after implementing the changes with Smart Product Page Optimizer. 

Notice the slogan, the benefit-driven headline, and how they succinctly communicate the value of the product:

Wifi adapter product page with optimization

Another example is their Flipper Zero Silicone Housing product page before utilizing the Smart Product Page Optimizer…

Flipper zero product page

…and then here’s the after, where the extra elements were automatically added: 

Flipper Zero product page after optimization

The results

Following several weeks of testing, the Sapsan Sklep team noted significant results. Their order numbers increased by 13% compared to the previous period, and their revenue saw a notable increase of 16%.

The results of optimization

This alone demonstrates the power of optimizing your product pages and why it should be a focal point for your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Closing thoughts

Sapsan Sklep’s journey underscores a valuable lesson about product pages: it’s important to leverage the right tools to achieve your business goals. 

With a focused approach and the appropriate tools, you can not only enhance the user experience but also drive significant increases in revenue. 

As you embark on your own journey, keep in mind the transformative impact optimized product pages can have on your bottom line!

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