How Muscle Feast Increased Its Revenue By 15.56% With Product Page Optimization

How Muscle Feast Increased Its Revenue By 15.56% With Product Page Optimization

Muscle Feast is a DTC store providing high-quality nutritional supplements to help people meet their health and fitness goals. In this case study, you'll learn an easy-to-copy product page optimization strategy that Muscle Feast used to increase their revenue by 15.56% in just 21 days.

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15.56%Increase in revenue 4.27%Increase in average order value

Meet Muscle Feast

Muscle Feast is a family business selling premium nutritional supplements. Founded by Sean and Shelley Gillespie, passionate parents of a young bodybuilder, Muscle Feast was born out of the sense of frustration they felt with the lack of high-quality supplements and misleading marketing in the industry.

Sean’s background in engineering and operations management in the food industry, coupled with Shelley’s expertise in crafting healthy family meals, helped them create a brand committed to excellence. 

Meet Muscle Feast

The challenge

The fitness and supplement market presents a formidable challenge for newcomers as it’s already saturated with competition. It’s not easy for a new DTC brand like Muscle Feast to compete with the well-known supplement brands on the market, differentiate their products, and provide a compelling value proposition. 

When new visitors arrive on the brand’s product pages, they need compelling reasons to choose Muscle Feast over all the other offerings out there. The product pages’ sales copy plays a huge role in achieving this. The words on these pages must captivate, persuade, and resonate with the consumer almost instantly.

Crafting the perfect sales copy is a challenge in itself, complicated by the inherent difficulty of testing and refining it.

In this case, marketers typically turn to A/B testing tools to optimize their landing pages. But here lies the core of the issue: conventional A/B testing tools have their limitations when it comes to experimenting with the content (such as headlines, subheadlines, and other copy) on numerous product pages simultaneously.

They lack the necessary functionalities to modify or add new content across dozens or hundreds of product pages at the same time, which is essential for achieving maximum impact. 

Moreover, creating new headlines or other copy for a multitude of products solely for testing purposes requires a lot of time and expense. And small businesses like Muscle Feast simply don’t have the necessary resources.

The solution

Thanks to the rapid advancement of AI, new innovations have emerged that can revolutionize product page optimization. One of these innovations is called the Smart Product Page Optimizer. Powered by AI, this tool helps tailor your product pages to perfection by optimizing their content to resonate with your target audience… and doing it quickly and at scale.

Let’s take a look at Muscle Feast’s original product pages. They’d been using the product names as the main headline, and they offered minimal additional information above the fold that could entice people to buy the product.

Recognizing the need for a transformation, they decided to enhance their product pages. Armed with their vision for change, they entrusted the Smart Product Page Optimizer with the task. 

Based on their input, the tool analyzed Muscle Feast’s product pages and crafted:

  1. a captivating one sentence slogan for each product,
  2. a one sentence summary of each product’s benefits, and 
  3. concise, benefit-driven lists for each product page. 

The result? Product pages that looked like this:

The results

After implementing the changes, the tool automatically started running A/B tests. This enabled the Muscle Feast team to compare the results of the AI-tailored product pages with the non-optimized product pages.

Based on the A/B tests, they saw that the AI-optimized product pages resulted in a 15.56% increase in sales and a 4.27% increase in average order value

During the 21-day test, the AI-optimized product pages which were shown to 50% of the traffic generated $5,653 in extra revenue. Implementing the changes on the whole website could mean $16,151 in extra monthly revenue for the brand.

As you can see, Muscle Feast was able to turn ordinary product pages with average conversion rates into high-converting sales pages—without any hassle.

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