4 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Digital Agencies to Boost Client Results

Are you a marketing agency owner in search of ways to impress your clients and give your agency a competitive edge? 

Running an agency can be quite a challenge: you grapple with diverse client needs, the constant demand for ROI, and the ever-present challenges of client turnover and workload stress.

In the last couple of years, we’ve met plenty of agency owners struggling with similar issues, which is why we’ve put together four innovative strategies to enhance your client outcomes and potentially attract more business.

Let’s take a look at what they are!

1. Turn on automatic personalization

If your client is facing low conversion rates for their PPC ads, the problem may not be the ads themselves, but rather their landing pages. Sending traffic to an underperforming landing page is like pouring money into a leaky bucket. 

Instead of increasing your budget, why not focus on converting more visitors into customers with the same amount of traffic?

Traditionally, customizing landing pages for specific ads has been a labor-intensive manual process, especially when running numerous ads. It’s clearly not a sustainable approach.

In fact, that’s exactly why people so often encounter irrelevant landing pages after clicking on an ad.

Below is an example of two different ads with two different USPs. One focuses on preventing hair loss, while the other focuses on reversing signs of aging. But both of them lead to the same landing page—not impressive, right? The visitors who clicked on the ad about hair loss will likely feel misled.

At OptiMonk, we faced this issue, too.  We used Unbounce to create multiple landing pages, but even a minor design change meant updating all the landing pages. It was a nightmare.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, we integrated landing page personalization directly into OptiMonk with Smart Personalizer.

Smart Personalizer means you can forget the manual hustle and achieve up to 100% personalization without juggling a multitude of page versions or experience variations.

Let’s see Smart Personalizer in action. 

On their original landing page, Seoulbox went with the headline: “Explore Korea without a passport.” Smart Personalizer stepped in and tweaked it for each keyword. For example, for the “Korean snack box” keyword, the headline reads: “Korean snack boxes: your gateway to a world of flavors at home.”

Seoulbox Smart Personalizer example

It only takes minutes to set up, and you can double the ROI of PPC campaigns by making landing pages much more relevant.  

Simply get a demo for Smart Personalizer, ensure accurate UTM tagging for context, and let AI take care of the rest! You’ll free up plenty of time to focus on acquiring more clients.

2. A/B test every landing page

A/B testing is often resource-intensive and time-consuming. As a marketing agency owner, you probably won’t often find free time to dedicate to it yourself. That’s why marketers sometimes rely on gut feelings when it comes to landing page messaging, headlines, and CTAs. 

Now, with the power of AI, you can eliminate the guesswork and fully automate your A/B testing efforts—no need to hire expensive CRO experts!

Smart A/B testing creates different variants, conducts tests, and analyzes results, all without your involvement. Just select the elements you want to optimize on your landing pages and let AI handle the rest.

Crown & Paw, an ecommerce store that sells pet portraits, decided to test their homepage messaging. They tested four different variants to find out which one resonated best with their target audience. Thanks to A/B testing, they achieved a 16% increase in online orders. 

Crown&Paw results

Say goodbye to manual work and embrace easy data-driven decisions using Smart A/B Testing.

3. Boost product detail pages

Product pages are crucial for DTC brands, yet they’re often overlooked.

If your client has traffic arriving directly at product pages from Google Shopping Ads, optimizing these pages may represent the lowest-hanging fruit for quick and effective improvement. 

But what if they have thousands of those pages? 

Now, with the power of AI, you can transform all of those product pages into high-converting sales pages, boosting revenue with just a few clicks.

Varnish & Vine saw impressive results by optimizing their product pages with the Smart Product Page Optimizer. By inserting a captivating headline and subheadline focused on their product value prop, they increased their conversion rate by 28% and their online revenue by 44%.

Varnish & Vine example

You just have to decide which content you want to upgrade and where to insert it, and the AI will generate variations of headlines, benefit lists, and descriptions. You can review and customize them to your liking, and then launch the optimization for all your product pages effortlessly. 

4. Supercharge list-building efforts

Are your client’s sites struggling with low popup conversion rates? The solution might be simpler than you think: they may be displaying the same message to every site visitor. Even with A/B tests, the majority of their audience won’t find their message tempting or relevant. 

Personalizing each and every popup might seem like a daunting manual task, but with a bit of automation, you can easily double their conversion rates.  

With today’s technology, you can personalize popups on a 1:1 basis, crafting a journey for each visitor that’s relevant and meaningful to them.

Here’s an example of how Smart Popups works in action: if a visitor checks out an article on Seulbox’s blog page about cafes and eateries, then they see a personalized popup about the same topic. Our AI understands your visitors’ interests based on the content they’re viewing.

Seoulbox Smart Popups example

You can choose which elements to personalize on your popup, such as the headline, and seamlessly integrate these personalized features into your popup design.

Once you’ve set it up, the AI will generate a 1:1 personalized popup for every visitor. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution, meaning you’ll have even more time to spare.

Wrapping up

Boosting your clients’ ROI is a challenge for every agency owner, but with these four strategies, you can easily enhance their results:

  1. Turn on automatic personalization: Focus on personalizing landing pages rather than tweaking ads.
  2. A/B test every landing page: Automate the A/B testing process with Smart A/B Testing.
  3. Boost product detail pages: Turn product pages into high-converting sales pages with AI.
  4. Supercharge list-building efforts: Boost popup conversions with 1:1 personalization using OptiMonk’s Smart Popups.

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