Craft Sportswear NA's Recipe for SMS Marketing Success: 40.44% Sign-Up Conversion Rate

Craft Sportswear NA's Recipe for SMS Marketing Success: 40.44% Sign-Up Conversion Rate

Craft Sportswear is a Swedish DTC brand that brings high-quality, high-performance sportswear to international consumers. In this case study, you'll learn how they achieved a 40.44% conversion rate with an SMS sign-up popup and collected 4,088 new SMS subscribers in just 3 months.

Website: www.craftsports.usFounded: 1973 Industry: Sports apparel

Meet Craft Sportswear

Craft Sportswear is specializing in clothing for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for a good result.

Since the brand was founded in 1973, they’ve been offering both world champions and everyday heroes the tools they need for continuous athletic progress.

Craft Sportswear website

The challenge

The North American branch of Craft Sportswear runs their own ecommerce store, and they decided to launch an SMS marketing program in order to grow their business. 

SMS marketing boasts higher open rates and click-through rates than traditional email marketing, so it can significantly boost revenue.

However, Craft Sportswear NA didn’t have a list of phone numbers from their subscribers, which meant they had to build one from scratch.

To do that, they turned to The Email Agency (TEA) for help. The full-service email marketing agency helped them create an SMS list-building campaign.

The solution

TEA suggested starting off the new SMS program by creating a popup campaign that collects phone numbers from the most loyal Craft fans, a.k.a. their current email subscribers. 

Since these customers were already engaged with Craft Sportswear’s marketing, they’re likely to be open to signing up for the SMS list. TEA knew that would get great engagement and results right off the bat.

But they also wanted to reward these customers by giving them the first chance to be a part of the new SMS program. As an added incentive, they offered $35 off the next order in exchange for phone numbers.

So it was a win-win situation.

Check out the popup below:

Craft SMS sign-up popup

They sent the discount code to their new subscribers’ phone numbers: 

Craft SMS popup thank you

To increase the visibility of their offer, Craft Sportswear used a teaser that appeared both before the popup was displayed and after the popup was closed. 

This ensured that their visitors could always access the SMS list signup popup.

Craft teaser

A vital aspect of the plan created by TEA and Craft Sportswear NA was to target it towards visitors who had already subscribed to their email list. 

But how did they create a campaign that would only appear to that small group of people? 

They did it using OptiMonk’s Klaviyo lists and segments feature. This allowed them to show this popup only to current email subscribers. 

Craft popup settings

The results

Craft Sportswear NA achieved incredible success with this one campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the results over a 3-month period: 

  1. 40.44% conversion rate 
  2. 4,088 new SMS subscribers
  3. $21,784.81 in attributed revenue
  4. $85.43 average order value
Craft popup results

In just three months, Craft Sportswear NA was able to capture over 4,000 SMS subscribers.  This shows how effective capturing leads from current email subscribers can be, as long as you have the capacity to target your campaigns properly.

If you’d like to create a lead generation campaign like Craft Sportswear NA, give OptiMonk a try!

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