How Lammle's Boosted Online Sales by 23.5% Without Discounting

How Lammle's Boosted Online Sales by 23.5% Without Discounting

Lammle's Western Wear is Canada's leading western lifestyle retailer. In this case study, you'll learn how they used popup without discounting and achieved a 23.5% increase in revenue from product page visitors and a 26.3% increase in revenue from engaged category page shoppers.

Website: www.lammles.comFounded: 1983 Industry: Fashion

Meet Lammle's Western Wear

With an extensive range of cowboy boots, jeans, horse tack, and more, Lammle’s is dedicated to providing an authentic Western experience to customers across Western Canada.

Established in 1983 as a family business, Lammle’s has grown steadily over the years.Today, it proudly boasts almost two dozen brick-and-mortar stores scattered across the region.

The challenge

Lammle’s Western Wear had great success with their brick-and-mortar stores, but they also recognized that there were some untapped opportunities in their ecommerce store that could help to drive more conversions and nurture enduring customer relationships. 

They didn’t want to use discounts to boost sales. This criteria disqualified many of the “classic” ecommerce use cases, like a “10% off” welcome popup.

Instead, they chose to experiment with popups to help their users browse their store and find the right products. 

Choosing the right product from extensive product catalogs like Lammle’s is often a challenge for customers, and carefully targeted and triggered popups can be a highly effective way of monetizing these opportunities.

The solution

Lammle’s Western Wear found several great opportunities to help their shoppers. Let’s see their campaigns one by one.

Campaign #1: Decrease bounces on product pages

Product recommendation popup on product pages

Similar to most DTC brands, product pages are becoming more like homepages as visitors from Google Shopping Ads land directly on them.

Showing the most popular products in an exit-intent popup to inspire bouncing visitors to shop around more turned out to be an effective way to keep their visitors engaged (see the Smart Abandonment Stopper tactic for more info). 

By strategically engaging them with a relevant product recommendation, Lammle’s was able to increase revenue of these product page visitors by 23.5%!

Here you can see the actual triggering and targeting settings used:


This campaign had a significant positive impact on their advertising ROI. But they didn’t stop there—they implemented several campaigns for smaller visitor segments.

Campaign #2: Help category shoppers choose 

Help category shoppers choose with product recommendation popup

Another great opportunity arose when they looked at their category pages. Here, visitors often spent a long time trying to find the right products and then left without buying anything.

They decided to help these engaged shoppers choose by recommending the most popular products using a popup.

Thanks to these personalized product recommendations, Lammle’s Western Wear experienced a 26.3% increase in revenue for these category page shoppers!

Here are the actual triggering & targeting settings they used: 

Product recommendation popup settings

This popup appeared on category pages after new visitors had spent 40 seconds exploring the offerings. This timing ensured that the popup would engage visitors at the ideal moment, capturing their attention when they were most likely to be having trouble deciding which product would be best for them.

It promoted the most popular products within each category automatically, using OptiMonk’s product recommendation feature.

Campaign #3: Help new homepage visitors kick off their journey

They also had significant brand-aware visitors visiting directly and landing on the homepage. Lammle’s decided to help them start their shopping by recommending the store’s most popular products…but only if they lingered too long on the homepage.

In the 3-week test period, this campaign resulted in a 17.3% increase in sales among new visitors to the homepage who spent at least 30 seconds on the page. 

Here are the actual triggering and targeting settings:

Campaign #4: Help returning visitors continue where they left off

Help returning visitors continue where they left off

The final tactic they used was all about helping returning visitors. Visitors who spent a long time browsing their site and viewing multiple products often left empty-handed and then returned several days later. 

Many times, they didn’t remember where they’d left off, so they had to start all over and find the products they liked again.

Lammle’s used a popup to provide personalized recommendations reminding visitors about the products they viewed during their last shopping session. 

Lammle’s got 11.9% more revenue from returning visitors who saw this reminder campaign compared to those who didn’t. 

The results

Lammle’s Western Wear wanted to increase conversions for their ecommerce store, but they didn’t want to rely on discounts to boost sales. Instead, they decided to experiment with popups to assist users in finding the right products. 

Thanks to a tailored CRO plan, they were able to achieve great results:

  1. Revenue increased by 23.5% from product page visitors
  2. Revenue increased by 26.3% from engaged category page shoppers
  3. Revenue increased by 17.3% from new homepage visitors
  4. Revenue increased by 11.9% from returning visitors

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