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How Indestructible Shoes Improved Their Ecommerce Conversion Rates By 13.2%

How Indestructible Shoes Improved Their Ecommerce Conversion Rates By 13.2%

Indestructible Shoes is a D2C footwear brand with tremendous excitement and energy behind them. They sell comfortable, stylish, safe shoes for work. They only use extremely durable and lightweight material to ensure that their footwear solutions are strong, safe, and built to last for years.

Website: indestructibleshoes.comFounded: 2018 Industry: Fashion
13.2%Increase in ecommerce conversion rate 3,012New email subscribers

Meet Indestructible Shoes

Their shoes are built to last, to function in many different environments, and to protect the body from workplace hazards.

These features are usually associated with work boots, but Indestructible Shoes has figured out how to fit them into a comfortable sneaker-style shoe.


The Indestructible Shoes team turned to OptiMonk when they realized it was time to increase conversions and turn their traffic into long-term revenue. 

The Customer Value Optimization experts analyzed Indestructible Shoes’ Google Analytics account to find out where popup campaigns could make the biggest difference.

They found that the user segments seeing the lowest number of conversions were:

  1. Homepage visitors
  2. Category page visitors
  3. Product page abandoners
  4. Cart abandoners

Once OptiMonk understood where Indestructible Shoes should focus their efforts to increase conversions, they got to work. 

Let’s look at the campaigns they launched.


Since each of the problematic segments was at a different stage of awareness, the team developed 4 different campaigns to target each user group specifically.

1. Welcome popup for new homepage visitors

The first campaign was targeted towards visitors who arrive on the homepage for the first time.

The main goal was getting these visitors to subscribe to Indestructible Shoes’ newsletter list, so they could keep in touch with them even if they don’t make a purchase today. They used a classic welcome popup that offered a 15% discount to new email subscribers.

The first page of a multi-step welcome popup

This was a multi-step popup that didn’t ask for the user’s email address until the second page. 

By waiting until visitors decide that they’re interested in the offer (and show this interest by clicking on the “Unlock the 15% off code” button), the campaign will have better conversion rates. This is because breaking popups into multiple stages is less overwhelming for visitors.  

Indestructible Shoes also wanted to highlight their USPs on the second page of the popup. This helped introduce new visitors to what makes the company and its products so special.

The second page of a multi-step welcome popup

On the third page, visitors could see the coupon code: 

The third page of a multi-step welcome popup

Thanks to OptiMonk’s integration with Klaviyo (the email marketing software used by Indestructible Shoes), all new subscribers were automatically synced to Klaviyo and sent welcome emails.

2. Product recommendation for category page visitors

Indestructible Shoes wanted to improve their ecommerce conversion rate by showing product recommendations to visitors browsing through a category page.

To keep the messaging as relevant as possible, the recommended products were chosen based on the most popular items in the category each visitor was browsing.

They ran a simple test. They showed the popup below to 50% of category page visitors who met all the following requirements:

  1. Spent at least 10 seconds on a category page
  2. Scrolled down 80% of the way on a category page
  3. Had an empty cart
  4. Hadn’t claimed any coupon code on an OM campaign before

The other 50% of visitors who also met these conditions were the control group.

flash sale popup example

Throughout the almost 3-month testing period, the group that was shown the product recommendations converted at a 6.84% higher rate than the group that didn’t see the popup.

This shows that product recommendations are a good way to help engaged but uncertain visitors find what they need. Once they make a choice, you’ve likely got a sale. 

3. Discount popup for product page abandoners

Product page abandoners are slightly further along the customer journey than visitors who are merely browsing a category page.

That’s because once a visitor has made it to a product page, they’ve found a specific product they’re interested in. However, they haven’t put the item into their cart, instead opting to leave the page.  

The goal here was to convince these visitors to put the item they were viewing into their cart. The Indestructible Shoes team did this with a 15% off discount that would expire in 15 minutes. 

The first page of this multi-step popup even used a countdown timer element to increase the sense of urgency associated with the offer. 

The first page of a multi-step product page abandonment popup

The second page asked for customers’ email addresses. 

The second page of a multi-step product page abandonment popup

The third page displayed the coupon code and a thank you message. 

4. Save cart abandoners with a limited-time discount

Cart abandoners are almost at the finish line: they’ve already put items in their cart, but they need a final push to enter their credit card details and place their order.

That’s why Indestructible Shoes offered cart abandoners a final, enticing offer. This time it was 25% off, but they still used a countdown timer. 

This popup had an amazing 25.37% conversion rate


Here are the main results of Indestructible Shoes’ popup campaigns:

  1. Their ecommerce conversion rate grew by 13.2% in the three months of OptiMonk testing, compared to the previous year.
  2. 3,012 new email subscribers were collected.
  3. 963 coupon codes were redeemed.
  4. These coupon codes generated 6% of the store’s total revenue.

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