The Three Levels of Popup Users

The Three Levels of Popup Maturity

Popups can be one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. But like all other marketing tools, they only work if you use them right.

Most brands are leaving 90% of their potential revenue on the table because they’re only getting minimal value from their popups. Even if you’re satisfied with your current popup results, there are still lots of opportunities to 10X (!) your current sales.

We’ve worked with thousands of brands and seen the process they go through as they become popup personalization experts. In this post, I’ll share the three levels of popup users that we’ve identified.

Level 1: The single popup user

Most brands start with one popup campaign.

At this stage, you probably know about some of the advantages of using popups and you learned about one use case (it’s usually an email list building campaign). So you decide to create your first popup campaign.

After setting up that first campaign, you make sure that it’s working properly, and a few days later, you’ll see how some metrics begin to increase (perhaps your email subscribers start to jump up).

And once brands achieve the results they want with their campaign, they usually forget about it and move onto another tool that helps to maximize their marketing and sales.

Although this process seems logical, you’re barely scratching the surface of the world of popups with this strategy. There are tons of extra opportunities that popups can bring for you.

Let’s see what happens when you start to implement popups for more than one use case!

Level 2: The multi popup user

Popup users at this level realize that one single popup won’t work for everyone, and they want to create multiple popups. This means that they’ve gone from a single to a multi-popup mindset.

They’ll suddenly start noticing all the user segments they didn’t serve correctly and all the use cases they’ve missed.

You can start by setting up 5 to 10 new campaigns. This is usually enough to send relevant messages to all (or most) visitor segments. Also, you need to make sure they don’t conflict with each other.

At this point, many people may feel that it’s time to lay back and let the popups do the work. The truth is: there’s still more potential that can be utilized to gain more conversions. Let’s see level three! 

Level 3: The personalization expert

Personalizing the user experience is the way to reach the highest level of conversion optimization. However, significant technical challenges might lay ahead when you try to personalize your website without the help of a huge technical team. For example, onsite personalization can slow down your website. 

Popups are an alternative way to personalize the user experience and create individually personalized messages without the risks. When you use popups for personalization, you’re on level three. 

At this stage, you’ll gain complete control over the user journey and achieve your business goals. You’ll be able to promote the right messages to the right users and maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of all your marketing activities. You’ll become a true personalization expert.

Summing up

If you recognize yourself in the levels below the third one, don’t feel bad—you’ve already started your journey upwards (you’re here, reading this article).  

Everyone starts at the first level, but everyone has the potential to move upwards by increasing their popup knowledge. Learning more about popups is the best investment you can make to improve your marketing outcomes.

As a first step, I recommend reading our Customer Value Optimization guide, where you can learn actionable practices to become a personalization expert.

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