10 Best Email Capture Software Compared for 2024

10 Best Email Capture Software Compared for 2023

Email marketing is still an incredibly effective way for an online store to increase sales by sending special offers, interactive content, and updates about their products straight to their customers’ inboxes.

To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you’ll need to build your list of subscribers by capturing emails. And to do that, you’ll need to find a great email capture app.

In this article, we’ve collected 10 of the best email capture tools on the market today. By using one of these marketing tools, you’ll guarantee you have a steady stream of new leads!

Why do you need to capture email addresses?

Email capture is the process of collecting email addresses from website visitors by getting them to complete a form and sign up for your email list. You can capture emails through in-line forms, popup forms, or specific email capture landing pages.

Capturing email addresses is important because email marketing is the best way to nurture relationships with your visitors and encourage repeat purchases. Statistics show that 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month.

Also worth noting is the fact that your email list is an owned marketing channel that you control. It’s not dependent on a third-party website like a social media platform, where you always risk waking up one morning to major changes (remember the iOS 14 privacy changes?) or find your platform is temporarily (or permanently) down. That’s why it’s important to prioritize your email marketing.

Now that you know why you need to have online forms to capture email addresses, let’s take a look at some email capture software that can help you do it!

10 best email capture tools

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 best email capture software tools in 2024. 

OptiMonk's email capture tool has a free version

OptiMonk is the most powerful email capture tool out there. It’s an all-in-one CRO toolset that allows you to create pop-ups, personalize your website, and run A/B tests to boost your lead generation efforts and, ultimately, your store’s revenue.

Key feature #1: Easy-to-use & intuitive popup editor

OptiMonk’s email capture software provides an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, making it effortless for users to create email capture forms without requiring any coding skills.

You can design and customize forms according to your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

OptiMonk drag and drop editor

Key feature #2: Access to 300+ popup form templates

OptiMonk offers access to a diverse library of over 300 pre-built templates for email capture forms and other types of pop-up forms.

These templates cover a range of designs and styles, providing you with a variety of options to choose from without incurring any additional costs.

This is especially useful for those who may not have design expertise, allowing them to maintain a polished and consistent brand image.

Key feature #3: Custom forms

Use custom fields to collect additional contact details like date of birth, gender, address, and more.

This customization ensures that you gather the information that is most relevant to your marketing and communication strategies. And you can use this information to send personalized messaging both on the website and in emails.

Other key benefits:

  • Multi-step opt-in forms: Grab your visitors’ attention with a teaser, and ask for contact details only in the second step or later. This helps you create more engaging opt-in forms.
  • 30+ intelligent targeting features and triggering options: URL targeting, cart-value, product targeting, and more. Target different visitor segments with fully customized messages.
  • Google, AdBlock & GDPR safe: OptiMonk campaigns are fully GDPR compliant and Google friendly, so you and your customers are safe and secure.
  • Detailed analytics & insights: Get in-depth insights into how your campaigns are performing and why.
  • 30+ email, CMS, and ecommerce integrations: Including popular solutions like MailChimp, Klaviyo, and HubSpot.
  • A/B testing: Test alternative versions of your marketing campaigns to find out which brings in the most qualified leads.


Free, or from $39/month.

2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo, an email marketing tool that allows you to collect email addresses

Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing tools today, and it also offers some built-in email capture tools. 

Main benefits:

  • Access email marketing services: Run your list building efforts and email marketing strategy through a single platform for convenience.
  • List building contact forms: Start growing your email list with pre-built signup forms.
  • Create different types of contact forms: Choose between embedded forms, multi-step forms, and popups. 


Free, or from $20/month.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot's email capture tool

HubSpot is an all-in-one “hub” designed to help you grow your business. It includes tools for marketing, sales, service, operations, and website building, and it offers several email capture tools like landing pages and popups.

Main benefits:

  • Lead generation form builder: Easily build forms using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Add them to your website to convert anonymous visitors into leads that automatically flow into your CRM.
  • Landing page creation: Design and launch landing pages in just a few clicks, without help from developers or IT.
  • Lead tracking & management: Practice lead nurturing based on data you’ve collected and automatically turn lead data over to your sales team.


From $50/month.

4. Mailmunch

Mailmunch, a conversion optimization tool offering optin forms

Mailmunch is a lead generation tool that combines landing pages, forms, and email marketing capabilities to streamline your ability to capture leads and send email campaigns using a single system.

Main benefits:

  • Multiple email capture form types: Choose from popovers, covers, scroll boxes, top bars, inline forms, and more to create the perfect forms to capture email addresses for every campaign.
  • Mobile popup form builder: Their email capture form building tool can help you create interactive forms that are fully responsive on mobile devices.
  • Powerful integration options: With its many integrations, chances are that Mailmunch integrates with your email service provider.


From $19.99/month (up to 1,000 contacts).

5. Wishpond

Wishpond's email capture tool

6. Picreel

Picreel, one of the best email capture tools offering pop-ups

Picreel is an exit-intent popup tool that helps generate more leads, conversions, and sales to boost your marketing efforts. 

Main benefits:

  • 100+ popup templates: Their lead capture tool allows you to create email capture forms based on over 100 built-in templates.
  • A/B testing: Test different forms to find out which is most successful at capturing email addresses.
  • 300+ integrations: Including popular email marketing services like MailChimp and Klaviyo, as well as CRMs like HubSpot.


From $19/month. Free trial. 

7. Sleeknote

Sleeknote's lead generation software offering pop-ups

Sleeknote is an email capture app that allows you to create popups that your visitors will love, quickly and easily.

Main benefits:

  • A/B Testing: A/B test different headlines, images, and copy to discover what leads to the highest-converting campaigns.
  • Customizable templates: Create beautiful, eye-catching forms that match the look and feel of your website.


From €62/month. 7-day free trial.

8. Privy

Privy, one of the best email capture tools with pop-ups

Privy is an ecommerce marketing tool that allows you to create lead capture forms and then send email marketing messages once you’ve gathered leads.

Main benefits:

  • Cart abandonment popups: Using exit-intent popups, you can capture leads from website visitors who were just about to abandon their carts.
  • Customizable templates: Choose from a variety of email capture templates, including templates designed for seasonal events.


Free, or from $45/month.

9. OptinMonster

OptinMonster's email capture tool with pop-ups

OptinMonster is a lead generation software that helps ecommerce businesses convert their website traffic into subscribers and customers.

Main benefits:

  • Drag and drop form builder: Customize all your lead capture form details with their easy-to-use drag and drop builder.
  • Multiple types of lead forms: choose between classic popups, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, and slide-ins.
  • Page-level targeting: Hyper-segment your leads by using OptinMonster’s targeting and segmentation rules.


From $14/month.

10. Yieldify

Yieldify, one of the best tools offering email capture forms

Yieldify is a website personalization tool that allows you to segment your audience, provide product recommendations, and display lead capture forms and opt-in forms.

Main benefits:

  • A/B testing: Test alternative versions of your marketing campaigns to find out which capture emails most effectively.
  • Customization Options: Use custom email capture form fields to gather info like date of birth, gender, address, and more.
  • Integrations: Yieldify integrates with all the popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Klaviyo.


Book a demo with their experts to learn more about pricing options.


In this article, we’ve covered the most advanced, up-to-date email capture software of 2024. Choose one of these tools to start capturing more emails and improve the ROI for your email marketing efforts. 

Now for the hard part: which to choose? All the options on this list will do the job, but there are some key differences. 

Do you prefer the simplicity of running everything through a single platform, even if it means you might miss out on some of the more specialized functionalities? Then you might want to consider an all-in-one tool like HubSpot or Wishpond, or use an email marketing software like Klaviyo to capture leads. 

Tight budget? Stick with a free tool or opt for software that offers a free trial so you can be sure it works for you before you buy. 

And if you’re looking for the all-around best way to capture emails, you’ll want the most powerful popup software available. Sign up for a free OptiMonk account today to get started building that email list!

Let us know in the comments if you have experience with one of these tools, or which software you’re planning to try!

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