10 Stunning Easter & Mother’s Day Popups to Increase Your Revenue

10 Stunning Easter & Mother’s Day Popups to Increase Your Revenue

We officially marched into spring on March 20th. That means it’s time to start planning your seasonal sales around springtime’s most important dates!

The two holidays that dominate the ecommerce calendar in the next few months are Easter and Mother’s Day. Past years have shown how valuable these days are to online merchants:

  • 79% of Americans planned to celebrate Easter, spending a collective $21.6 billion.
  • 83% of Americans planned to celebrate Mother’s Day, spending a record $28.1 billion.

These numbers prove that if you’re not capitalizing on these opportunities, you’re missing out on revenue.

While everyone else is busy decorating Easter eggs or finding the perfect gift for Mom, as a business owner you need to focus on setting up some killer campaigns.

Popups are the best way to present your seasonal offers. And when you can use one of OptiMonk’s amazing templates and set them up in a matter of minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to get some flowers for your own Mom before the big day!

Below, we’ll share 10 gorgeous popup templates our designers have come up with to help you meet your goals.

1. Build your list

Seasonal sales give you a great opportunity to collect lots of new subscribers in a short period.

You can use email marketing to keep in touch with these leads in the future. You could also choose to work on your Facebook Messenger list, which can get you at least 10x better engagement than traditional email outreach. 

The two Easter and Mother’s Day-themed popups below are designed to collect Facebook Messenger subscribers using the promise of a percentage discount:

2. Gamify your popups

Go beyond the standard email signup popups with gamification. Lucky wheel campaigns are so much fun that your visitors won’t be able to resist engaging with them.

Their effectiveness is backed up by our own statistics. On average, OptiMonk’s lucky wheel popups have a 13.23% conversion rate. This is more than twice the rate of classic email popups, which convert on 5.10% of impressions.

Updating your gamified popups in time for the seasonal holidays is a great way to make them feel fresh. 

3. Promote your seasonal sale

The last two groups of templates are perfect for collecting contact information from first-time visitors. But you can’t forget to promote your seasonal sale to your returning customers and existing subscribers, too!

These promotional popups help you do just that. They’ll ensure that people know that there’s an exclusive deal for them, and they can even redirect them to the page that displays these deals. 

These first two themed templates are for fullscreen popups, which ensure that your visitors will get the message (since they cover the entire screen). 

This Easter-themed in-screen popup doesn’t take up the entire page, but it will still deliver your message effectively.

4. Save cart abandoners with a limited-time discount

The fact that 69.82% of visitors who add items to their carts leave without making a purchase is one of the most frustrating statistics in ecommerce. That’s so much lost revenue!

Luckily, you can recover some of those dollars by setting up exit-intent popups for cart abandoners. A limited-time special offer is often the final push they need to proceed to checkout and complete their purchase.

Here’s a Mother’s Day-themed cart abandonment popup.

5. Don’t let your visitors forget about their coupon codes


Easter and Mother’s Day come around at a time of the year when we’re leaving our comfortable winter routines and finally getting back outside. 

Spring is a time of optimism, growth, and renewal. Your seasonal campaigns should reflect these positive emotions and help your customers feel the spirit of spring.

Ready to freshen up your popups? Head over to OptiMonk’s Template Library and get started now!

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