12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

The average conversion rate for ecommerce stores is around 3%. Thousands of visitors arrive on your site and your product pages, but most of them will never convert and become customers.

Lead magnets are an awesome way to turn one-stop visitors into repeat customers. 

Ready to see how to do it right? In this post, we’ll cover 12 of the best, high-converting lead magnet ideas for ecommerce.

Let’s jump in. 

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What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet refers to the free content, item, or service a person receives when they share their contact details.

To unlock the “gate” and get their freebie, visitors first need to trade in their contact info—such as their email address, phone number, or location.

Lead magnets are a killer way to build a list of email subscribers. 

And once you have your visitors’ contact details, you can easily nurture these relationships with email or SMS campaigns—boosting your conversions and customer loyalty. 

What's a good lead magnet for ecommerce?

Nearly everyone knows about the value of using a great lead magnet to grow their email list. That means that you can no longer get away with boring or unexciting offers. 

People need to immediately see your lead magnet as a high-value offer if you want to capture their attention. 

It needs to provide instant gratification—giving people something they really want. Or showcase the potential to solve a problem that your prospects run into.

Read on to see 12 tempting lead magnet examples. 

12 best ecommerce lead magnet ideas to capture more leads

1. Offer a coupon

Coupons are a great choice for high-value lead magnets because your visitors can connect them with a specific monetary value. 

Here’s how clothing ecommerce store Lucky Brand uses a 20% off coupon to get more email addresses: 

Coupon Discount - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

Replicate their success by: 

  • Using bold, large text to highlight the discount so your visitors can’t miss it. 
  • Keep detail requests simple to ensure high conversions. 
  • Don’t forget to include a basic checkbox for email signups and make it GDPR compliant. 

Want to try this for yourself? Take a look at one of our popular coupon templates below.

2. Offer free shipping

There’s nothing that will make people ditch their cart faster than unexpected shipping costs. Not to mention that 82% of shoppers say they want free shipping. 

Be like Oka.com and offer free delivery to entice new email subscribers:

oka free shipping - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

Use this type of lead magnet to boost your sales and average order value at the same time. 

By offering free shipping when people spend more than a predefined amount, you can easily increase your revenue. 

3. Create swipe files

A swipe file is a goldmine of tested and proven methods. Swipe files act as a go-to resource that your prospects can access quickly and get instant value. 

For example, Digital Marketer’s Social Media Swipe File includes 72 headlines for social media posts:

dm social media swipe file - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

Check out the results of this popup by reading our case study (spoiler: Digital Marketer generated 2,689 leads in just 14 days).

How do you create an amazing swipe file? 

Focus on a problem that your prospects often run into so that you can provide bite-sized solutions. 

Let’s say you sell luxury moleskin notebooks. You could help writers solve their writer’s block by creating a swipe file of “21 of the Best Fiction Openers.” 

4. Provide shopping guides

When people have too many choices, it takes them too long to decide what to buy. It’s easier to choose from 2 sweaters than from 25.

Help your prospects beat analysis paralysis and make it easier for them to choose a product from your site with a shopping guide for each product category.

See how Sephora uses this lead magnet type. They have a “Help Me Choose” section on their website with lots of guides and quizzes to help customers find the right products.

To replicate this strategy: 

  • Implement quizzes that help match visitors to their ideal product. 
  • Include buyer guides that showcase the benefits or value of each product in your inventory. 
sephora shopping guide - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

5. Create ebooks

Ebooks are a favorite for many companies when it comes to lead generation:

  • They give in-depth value—diving deep into a customer’s problem. 
  • If you create an ebook, it can help showcase your authority and position while it also builds trust with potential customers. 
  • Your new ebook will keep your brand at the front of their minds. 
ebook - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

When considering what kind of ebook would be best for your audience:

  • Review your analytics to find your best-performing blog posts. It’ll help you to find your most promising topics.
  • Run a short survey to find out which topics your customers want to read about. 
  • Do some background research using Google Trends and similar tools to find the trending topics that are capturing people’s interest.

You can also promote your ebook on a popup with our template: 

6. Host a giveaway

Looking for a lead magnet for physical products? Give your visitors an adrenaline fix by offering a prize giveaway. Offer one of your best-selling products or a bestselling bundle. 

Giveaways are very fun and shareable. They make it easier to go viral than other lead magnets! Here’s how Guiltysoles does it right: 

  • An eye-catching image to draw the eye.
  • Simple text that is easy to read and directs the visitor to your desired action (to enter in their details). 
  • A clear, concise call to action button. 
guiltysoles giveaway - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

7. Run a contest

For a contest, people need to do more than just sign up for an email list to be eligible to win a prize. 

And the prizes are typically a much higher value than those offered in a giveaway like an expensive laptop, TV, or cash prize. 

To do this for your site, simply:

  • Focus on the most high-value items in your product lines.
  • Up your promotion game: social media ads and posts, email campaigns, and promotional video content. 
  • Focus on user-generated content to get more eyes on your giveaway. Instagram photo contests are a great way to build momentum around an upcoming giveaway.
Contest - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

8. Offer free gifts

Another top lead magnet is a free, no-strings-attached gift or stash of gifts. Even using the word “free” to promote your lead magnets can help drive your conversion rates up. 

Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely conducted a study: People had the option of a free $10 Amazon gift card or a $20 Amazon gift card for only $7. Everybody in the sample went for the free $10 gift card—even though they’d get more value from the $20 offer. 

Here, Grab Green Home offers a free home cleaning bundle: 

free gift - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

Try it for yourself with this free popup template:

9. Create educational videos or training videos

An educational training, tutorial, or how-to video is an awesome choice if you sell products that need a demonstration. 

85% of people say they’d like to see more video content from brands in 2021—making them super irresistible and more valuable.

For example, if you sell bike accessories, you could offer access to an educational video on how to change a bike tire. 

myexcel training - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

10. Hold webinars

Webinars are similar to educational videos and training, but they bring an extra dose of urgency since they only happen at specific times. 

Wyatt Jozwowski (co-founder of Demio) highlights the benefits of a webinar in more detail:

 “Webinars are truly unlike anything else; if done right, you can keep your audience engaged for hours on end, and that’s something that videos put simply—struggle to do. Not only that, but your audience can also ask questions and get real-time feedback on the training.”

What’s a subject your customers would enjoy a webinar about?

11. Offer samples

Samples are usually used as a gift in exchange for subscriptions. This helps fight cart abandonment or it can nudge shoppers to spend over a certain amount. Samples are a super-temping lead magnet because they offer your visitors a big buzz.

Use samples to help inspire your customers to try out your products—without them having to fork out cash for full-sized products. 

Enjoy similar results by using a popup like Tile Mountain did.

tile mountain free sample - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

12. Offer free advice

Have specialists on hand that can provide expert advice to your visitors? Offer up your expertise just like PayPlan did: 

payplan advice - 12 Awesome Lead Magnets for Ecommerce to Grow Your Revenue

Now let’s see how you can add a lead magnet directly to your ecommerce site.

How to offer a lead magnet on your ecommerce site?

Popups are one of the best ways to promote your lead magnet. They help make sure your visitors don’t miss your offer, so you can capture as many leads as possible

OptiMonk’s targeting options make it easy to create lead magnets that will get to the right people at the right time. From visitors that are curious about certain topics to visitors who are about to leave without checking out. 

Check out our ready-to-use templates below and create your first OptiMonk popup in minutes. Our customer service reps are here for you if you’d like some guidance and expert pro tips on how to optimize your popup.


  1. Jami says:

    Great Lead Magnet ideas. My tip is to makr sure the offer matches the customer. By tracking how, where and why the customer landed on your site you can tailor the lead magnet to them specifically. If, for example, you have a skin care site and the customer clicked on an ad for acne treatments you wouldn’t present a lead magnet for anti-aging products. Some lead-magnets are universal, like a discount, but by fine tuning your offer you’ll get greater conversions.

  2. Miles says:

    One segment of my audience is into shopify/ecommerce and that’s not my area of expertise… Although I relentlessly teach them to grow their list. The ‘what lead magnet is best for me’ question comes up and I’ve been at a bit of a loss for ideas… Gonna point them your direction in the future. Thanks for putting this together

  3. Tasos says:

    Thank you for this amazing article. Lead magnets, in general, really help and in my opinion, you can’t grow an email list and an audience without a nice free lead magnet. Although, I already use lead magnets and I know how they work, You gave us really cool ideas. I have not tested some of them and I will surely do in the upcoming weeks.
    Thanks again for your blog post. Keep it up.
    Stay safe

  4. Francis says:

    Great content. Very educative and informative. Most often, many online stores think they don’t need lead magnets. They think they can just drive direct traffic and then sell to them straight-way. They have a flawed e-commerce sales funnel by not having one or multiple lead magnets on their store to capture their visitors’ contact information. Kudos!

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