Sticky Bar

What is a sticky bar?

A sticky bar is a horizontal bar that’s placed at the top or bottom of a page on your website and stays visible as the visitor scrolls down. Sticky bars often contain important messages like shipping information, a special offer, or a call-to-action button.

A sticky bar is a website conversion tool that’s less intrusive than a popup but still grabs attention and drives conversions.

What can a sticky bar be used for?

Let’s break down some of the most popular use cases for sticky bars.

1. Navigation

You can use a sticky bar to display your website’s main navigation menu. This allows users to easily access the most important pages on your site without having to scroll up.

2. Calls-to-action

If you have a call-to-action you’re trying to promote, you can use a sticky bar to prominently display it. Sticky bars are a great place to put a “Sign up” or “Buy now” button for maximum visibility. It’s also a great way to collect email addresses.

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3. Branding

Many websites use sticky bars to display their logo or other branding elements. This keeps the branding consistent and powerful no matter where the user is on the page.

4. Social media links

If you’re trying to increase your social media followers, you can link to your accounts in your sticky bar.

5. Notifications

Sticky bars are ideal for displaying important notifications like alerts or messages, since they’re so visible. You can also include a button to allow users to take any follow-up action they might need to without scrolling back to the top of the page.

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6. Collect feedback

Finally, a sticky bar is a great way to gather feedback without interrupting your visitors’ browsing experience.

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