7 Successful Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

7 Successful Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

The quiz funnel has emerged as the go-to tool for ecommerce brands seeking engaging and insightful customer interactions.

It helps you collect valuable information about your customers while providing a fun experience. Not only will you generate leads and collect email addresses, but you’ll also learn about your potential customers’ interests, concerns, and preferences. You can even use a quiz funnel to direct visitors to specific products that will solve their problems.

This article unpacks the essence of a successful quiz funnel, outlining its significance, benefits, and a step-by-step guide to creating your own.

As we explore this innovative marketing strategy, we’ll showcase seven quiz funnel examples from top ecommerce brands, highlighting their purpose and impact.

Let’s get started!

What is a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel (also known as a quiz marketing funnel or a product recommendation quiz funnel) is essentially a survey form that users fill out to learn something about themselves. 

Operating much like a personality quiz, these interactive tools have likely caught your attention—perhaps you’ve even indulged in one to discover your skin type or determine the ideal shampoo for your hair.

Visitors begin to move through the quiz funnel by answering a series of questions. After they’ve answered all the questions, they’ll get the quiz results, which tell them what type or category they fit into.

Each possible result of the quiz funnel represents a different user segment, which you can use to deliver personalized product recommendations and tailored messaging.

Why should you use quiz funnels?

Quiz funnels work; it’s proven. In fact, incorporating an online quiz marketing funnel into your conversion strategy comes with several benefits. Let’s delve into a few of these!

1. Quizzes generate interest

Whatever quiz funnel topic you choose, your website visitors will be excited to fill it out. That’s because quizzes are not only fun and engaging, but also reveal something to your potential customers about themselves. 

People don’t know what the quiz result will be in advance, which creates a powerful sense of curiosity.

And once someone fills out the quiz questions and receives their results, they’ll likely want to share their results with friends. How often do you see a friend of yours sharing a Buzzfeed-style quiz on social media? The positive word of mouth that results from this social sharing will motivate others to take the quiz, too.

2. Quizzes help you get to know your audience

Ecommerce companies are always looking for more information about their target customers. The more information you have, the more effectively you can personalize and tailor your messaging.

Quiz funnels allow you to segment your target audience with precision, going far beyond indistinct categories like “first-time visitor” or “email subscriber.” Instead, you can discover what each customer is interested in on an individual basis. 

When you know what categories of products a specific visitor is likely to buy, you can develop messages that are highly relevant and targeted.

3. Quizzes address customers’ uncertainties

One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies is dealing with the reservations customers have about trying new products. Since your visitors can’t see, touch, or try on the products, there will always be an element of doubt involved.

Quiz funnels help solve this problem by reassuring potential customers that specific products are a good fit for them. After all, they’ve just filled out an interactive quiz that tells them what products suit them!

4. Quizzes drive more sales

For all the reasons above, product recommendation quiz funnels are a highly effective way to drive sales.

By seamlessly integrating product recommendations based on quiz results, you not only enhance the overall customer experience but also significantly increase the likelihood of converting more leads into sales.

The tailored suggestions foster a sense of connection between the customer and the recommended products, translating into a higher conversion rate and an amplified bottom line.

7 quiz funnel examples to copy for your ecommerce store

Let’s see how 7 top ecommerce brands accomplished the goals above with their own quiz funnels.

1. Sephora’s hair care finder quiz funnel

Sephora’s quiz funnel is dedicated to helping visitors discover solutions for their hair problems. 

Since the store carries such a wide array of hair care products, customers can easily get confused and overwhelmed. The step-by-step quiz funnel helps narrow down all those options and find the right products for them.

An effective quiz funnel from Sephora

2. Warby Parker’s product discovery quiz

Buying eyeglasses is notoriously difficult—even in a brick-and-mortar store. You could try on a hundred different frames and still not find the one you like. 

Warby Parker’s quiz funnel asks users about important factors, like face size and shape, that help determine which frames are suitable for a certain person’s face. It also asks about style preferences, like color and frame shape. As a result, quiz takers will receive truly valuable product recommendations.

A quiz funnel from Warby Parker to improve the customer journey

3. Function of Beauty’s consultation quiz funnel

Function of Beauty’s quiz funnel takes a slightly different approach to hair care than Sephora’s. Rather than asking quiz takers about their hair problems, they ask customers about their hair goals.

Here, visitors have the option to select multiple options. This open-ended approach can lead to product recommendations that solve multiple problems at once, or to a bundle that contains multiple products.

Create a quiz funnel like Function of Beauty

4. Stitch Fix’s personal style quiz

Stitch Fix’s quiz funnel also allows customers to choose multiple options. This time, it’s from a list of reasons they’re “excited to try Switch Fix.” 

The reasons behind a visitor’s interest in a brand can tell you a lot about what they’re expecting from the interaction, helping you tailor your messaging.

A quiz funnel from Stitch Fix and quiz answer options

5. Rare Beauty’s quiz landing page

Rare Beauty asks quiz takers about their skin tone to provide more appropriate product recommendations. The quiz is simple and beautifully designed, with photos that help their audience answer the questions more easily.

Online quizzes from Rare Beauty

6. ThirdLove’s lead generation quiz

The quiz funnel from ThirdLove starts very simply, asking visitors “What brings you here today?” 

Interestingly, this is the very same question you’d expect to hear when walking into a brick-and-mortar store. It sets the tone for a highly personal, informal shopping experience.

A quiz funnel from ThirdLove

7. Murad Skincare’s quiz funnel

Murad Skincare asks their audience about the biggest problem they want to solve. It’s a straightforward way of getting a customer’s input on exactly why they’re shopping. 

Note the concise, understandable copy, which ensures answering the quiz questions won’t require any effort on the customer’s part.

Murad Skincare lead magnet quiz example

How to create a quiz marketing funnel?

OptiMonk’s conversational popups make it easy to create your own engaging quiz funnel. Your customers will be able to fill out all the quiz questions in a multi-step popup without ever leaving your landing page.

Here’s how a conversational popup funnel works, step by step:

An illustration of a popup quiz funnel made with OptiMonk

Now let’s see step-by-step how you can create your own quiz funnel!

Step 1: Choose a relevant quiz topic

You need to create a quiz that resonates with your potential customer and to achieve that, you need to understand your audience.

Get to the core of what makes your audience tick! What challenges are they facing, and how can your product or service help them overcome those challenges?

By creating a quiz that helps your audience identify the right product or service for their needs, you’ll establish trust and credibility with your potential clients.

So get brainstorming and choose a topic that will leave your audience begging for more!

Step 2: Choose a template

Now that you have a clear understanding of your audience and have decided on the perfect quiz topic, it’s time to choose a template that will bring your quiz to life.

Fortunately, OptiMonk’s Template Library offers a variety of conversational popup templates to choose from.

These quiz funnel templates are designed to captivate your audience’s attention and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Step 3: Create the quiz

Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s time to customize it with your specific questions and answers.

Using OptiMonk’s drag-and-drop editor, it’s easy to edit all the placeholder text and create an amazing quiz that reflects your brand. Note that you can make your quiz as simple or as in-depth as you like!

Then, you’ll customize your email capture screen with a special offer or coupon to entice your visitors before revealing their results.

The final step is setting up personalized recommendations that will appear based on your visitors’ answers. You’ll want to make sure that the products you’re recommending align with the quiz taker’s results. 

Step 4: Publish your quiz

Now, all that’s left to do is activate your popup campaign and wait for the customer data and email addresses to start rolling in!


The boom in quiz funnels doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. They’re one of the best ways to collect valuable insights about your audience and provide more relevant messaging and recommendations for new leads.

Have the examples of great quiz funnels we’ve looked at inspired you? Now it’s your turn…take a stab at creating your own engaging quiz funnel! Your customers will thank you when their shopping experience becomes smoother and more enjoyable.

Take some time to browse through OptiMonk’s Template Library and select a conversational popup template that will take your quiz to the next level. With OptiMonk’s free account and the right template in hand, you’re well on your way to creating quiz funnels that your audience will love and remember for a long time.

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